[1900k edition is in!] WTS: 1900k-5800k 5mm LED 95+ CRI

Do you have many of that 2300k LEDs? I have one light with 5mm LED on the way. I’d rather not order before I have the light in my hands and see if it’s mod-worthy….But if you have the last pieces I might just bite the bullet.

Still have about half the stock (~500pcs) left for 2300k.

Ok, I’ll wait a bit then :slight_smile:

I’m in for 2 pack 2300k if still available.

Mine arrived in Denmark today, thanks for making these available :+1:

Wife didn’t like the 3400K much, but these 2300K she finds much more “candle like”

Happy wife happy life :wink:

…and also an arrival in Amsterdam.

I did some measurements: 5.8 lumen at 25mA, peak of 22 lumen at about 150mA (but the curve is very flat there, if I had made one :wink: )

The beam is very smooth, the spot has a soft border with no tint changes.

The led is a bit shorter than the typical 5mm led.

I measured tint at 30mA:

Tint (I checked 2 leds and several currents) is around 2400K and not 2300K. It is right on the BBL and CRI is great. Rf=92.7 , Rg=99.8.

So another really nice led from rngwn, love it! :slight_smile:

rngwn, does your manufacturer make SMD LEDs also? I think they might have some uses. :slight_smile:

Do you have a “before” pic of those to compare?

They do make SMD’s although I will need to do more research whether it make economical sense compared to the existing ones :wink:

There are very few options for CRI95+ SMD MP LEDs with reasonably priced worldwide shipping.
Actually I have found literally just one offering on Aliexpres, for 2835 LEDs. Everything else seems to have expensive shipping. :frowning:

I suspect I’m missing something and I spend merely an hour or so on the search. But anyway - this is not something widely and easily available for a reasonable price.

Are midpower leds often used on BLF? Before investing in them I would want to do an inquiry!

I’m planning on a midpower led solution for the BLF lantern, and a few people use them in flashlights with VirEnce boards, but that is probably not a high volume.

No I didn’t take a picture but the color it’s between the original Ikea tealight on the left and the 3400K on the right.

new batch of T/N:

flightless22 – LX104000114TH (2× 2300k)
staticx57 – UA121600087TH (1× 2300k)

*T/N number beginning with ‘U’ is non-trackable online. Contact local post office for status after 1-3 weeks.

Do those Ikea tealights have their own flicker circuits, or is it integrated in the stock LED, in which case you lose the flicker effect when swapping the emitter?

The LED tea lights I have are the latter type, so I’m keeping an eye out for something else.

What are those lights? Where to get them?

Want one.

I finally got the 2300K LEDs and tried them in my rechargeable tealight candles. I absolutely love it, it’s the closest I’ve been to a real candle light, and in a light holder of any kind it looks convincing.

From left: Original monochrome orange 3mm LED, 2300K LED and 3400K LED. Camera @5000K

Here they are with their included diffusers, looks pretty good. Can’t wait to solder all 12 of them and place them around the house.

I still use real candles on my living room table due to the cozyness and smell, but these are a lot safer to use unattended around the house, especially with cats around.

These Ikea lights have an integrated curcuit. I believe it’s these :

It’s just a tealight holder we’ve had for ages with Ikea tea lights inside :

Hey all, long time no see.

I would like to buy 100 pcs of 2300K 5mm LEDs.

I didn’t read the whole thread, so i’m not sure what you have in stock or if i should DM you, rngwm ?

Ah, okay !

You can PM me and choose the shipping option you desire (Pricing & fees in the OP).

If you want to make things easier for me, you can summarize the pricing in the PM for me.

(Tracked shipping is kinda pointless for Netherlands though, since it can’t really be tracked)