[1900k edition is in!] WTS: 1900k-5800k 5mm LED 95+ CRI

Pricing Summary: (refer to this one when buying)

Item price (per pack)

Item SKU IF (nom, mA) VF(min) Deg lumens(typ.) CCT Quantity/Pack Pricing/Pack (excl. fees) Pricing/Pack (incl. fees)
1900k RWN05-19K-C 20 2.7 45 4-5 1900k 50 pcs $9.25 $9.7
250 pcs $37 $39
2300k RWN05-23K-AB (out of stock) 20 2.7 45 6-7 2300k 50 pcs $5.6 $5.88
3400k RWN05-34K-A (out of stock) 20 2.8 60 7-8 3400k 50 pcs $5.15 $5.41
4500k RWN05-45K-B (out of stock) 20 2.8 30 7-8 4500k 50 pcs $7.62 $8.00
5000k RWN05-50K-B 20 2.8 30 7-8 5000k 50 pcs $7.62 $8.00
5800k RWN05-58K-A 20 2.8 60 7-8 5800k 50 pcs $5.15 $5.41
3200k RWN05-32K-C-EX 120 2.7 45 26-28 3200k 20 pcs $9.5 $10.00
50 pcs $19 $19.95

I also have 3mm R9050 leds so I will put it here as well

3200k RWN03-32K-C 20 2.8 45 6-7 3200k 50 pcs $7.62 $8.00
4000k RWN03-40K-C 20 2.8 45 6-7 4000k 50 pcs $7.62 $8.00

Shipping cost (flat cost)

Shipping method Transit Time Cost (excl. fees) Cost (incl. fees) Coverage for lost packages
Express Shipping 3 - 7 days varies starts at $35-$90 (depending on locations) Full Refund
Parcel Post (intended for order of $50 and up) 1 - 4 weeks varies starts at $25 Full Refund
Tracked Shipping (not available to Australia/Canada/U.S./Netherlands) 1 - 4 weeks $6 $6.3 Up to $50 refund based on item's price
ePacket (U.S.) 1 - 3 weeks $10.5 $11 Up to $50 refund based on item's price
ePacket (Australia, Netherlands, Canada, Germany, and several Asian/European Countries) 1 - 3 weeks $9.5 $10 Up to $50 refund based on item's price
Ordinary Shipping (U.S, No tracking) 1 - 4 weeks $6 $6.3 No coverage
Ordinary Shipping (non-tracked, RoW, not recommended for buyers in Philippines) 1 - 4 weeks $3.3 $3.5 No coverage

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Update: Due to the ongoing pandemic, I do not have reliable access to Postal Service and the Postal Service itself has shutted down all but few destination countries. Until further notice, only the Express shipment option is possible (edit: to most countries). The shipping costs will start at around $35 depending on the countries. You can always buy more to justify the shipping cost.

Update 2: Some countries have started to provide the standard air service, please check near the end of the thread to see which countries allows such shipping method. Major countries includes:

  • Singapore
  • South Korea
  • UK
  • Germany
  • France
  • Netherlands
  • and a few more

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Pay at: https://paypal.me/rngwn Paypal.me will no longer be available soon. I will give you the payment e-mail address to you when the order is settled.

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Handling fees: 5% of item price + shipping (or you can simply use the tax-included prices)

As promised (in Djozz's C01 host survey thread), I bought some of the 3400k 5mm LEDs for you guys. This should be a decent substitute for Yuji's warm white LEDs.

I have the supplier hand-picked the bin for me, which I got the one slightly below BBL as you see the bin #10 in the pics below (they have lots of these lying around in different bins and I happens to be lucky to get this particular binning):


Output: 7-8 lm

Current: 20ma (pretty standard)

VF: 2.8-2.9v

CRI: >96

CCT: 3400k +/- 150k

Beam Angle: 60 degree

Test Platform and Beamshots:

Djozz's test https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/58510/109

Pricing (in a pack of 50 pcs): $5.15

Tracked Shipping: $4.5 ($6 to Canada)

Shipping w/o Tracking: $2.25

The listed pricing above does not include handling fees (5%)

Update: 5800k (5500k?) is now available! (note: this is the above-BBL parts intended for D-series illumination.)

Pricing: $5.15/50pcs

Tracked Shipping: $4.5 ($6 to Canada)

Shipping w/o Tracking: $2.25

Reviews by Djozz: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/58510/197

Exclusive! 2300k is in! First Come, First Served. $5.6/50pcs

Tracked Shipping: $4.5 ($6 to Canada)

Shipping w/o Tracking: $2.25

@5500k WB

RWN05-32K-C-EX: Mid-High Power 3200k, Nichia GS Replacement with Narrow Beam

Vf: 2.7-3.0v

If: 20-120mA (Absolute Max. 150mA)

Output: 8-9lm (20mA)/ 18-20lm (70mA) / 26-28lm (120mA)/ 30lm (150mA)

CRI: R9080

PM me to buy!

* For the ease of knowing who corresponds to which tracking number, identify yourself with BLF/Reddit username when paying with Paypal.

-Inventory update:

Available: 1/7


Unheard - 1 pack

Candor - 1 pack


Chatika vas Paus - 1 pack

Slayer1 - 1 pack

Dk21291 - 1 pack

Tixx - 1 pack-

See the update below

One for me please

^ PM me

1 pack please! Appreciate you offering this!

^ PM me

If only the C01 hosts were being sold, then I’d definitely be up for some of these. As it is now I don’t have any use for them :frowning:

Inventory Update: I was originally planned to put this on eBay. But seeing the overwhelming demands, I will put the eBay quota into here as well.

Now the Inventory is

Round 1 Paid & Shipped

Unheard – 1 pack
Candor – 1 pack
Tixx – 1 pack
Captain_Joe - 2 packs
1stein - 1 pack

—Round 1 completed—

Round 2 Paid & Shipped
AguassissiM - 1 pack
Slayer1 – 1 pack
khas - 1 pack
id30209 - 1 pack
Baoz - 1 pack
Dk21291 – 1 pack
skylight - 1 pack
Phlogiston - 1 pack
flightless22 - 2packs
staticx57 - 1 pack
shirnask - 1 pack

—Round 2 completed—

Inventory: 26 packs (excl. 6 reserve)
Sold: 19 packs

Round 3 Paid & Shipped (1 pack)

Chatika vas Paus – 1 pack

—Round 3 completed—

Round 4: (17 packs)

e1000 - 1 pack - Shipped
Phosphor22 - 1 pack - Shipped
Kame Sennin - 1 pack - Shipped
slowtechstef - 2 packs - Shipped
Noctiluco - 2 packs - Shipped
mitsuki08 - 1 pack - Shipped
Skuzapo - 1 pack - Shipped
fnksb - 1 pack - Shipped
TMaxxJJ - 1 pack - Shipped
Elaboration - 2 pack - Shipped
Ulrich - 1 pack - Shipped
EricJ2190 - 2 pack - Shipped
TBone - 1 pack - Shipped

Reddit orders (1 pack):

u/LoPan12 1 pack - Shipped

The list is no longer maintained here. I will continue to resupply them as long as I see fit. See the later pages for tracking numbers.

The new batch of anti-static packing will arrive in the next two days. Stay tuned.

When that arrive, I will be able to make 6 more packs.

They look awesome. 1 pack 4me pls. Can you add it up to the other leds I’ve already ordered at yours?

It will be quite sometime, if at all, until those LEDs will be ordered and shipped. I’d recommend you grab this first while you can.

Agree. Ready to hug them any moment. Just let me know :smiling_imp:

Well, I mean you might want to buy and ship this separately from those, because I’m not certain when will I buy those. But it’s up to you.

Can I reserve 1?

be my guest

Yes, please ship separately. Put me on the list. Thank you.

Cool. Looking forward to it being ready.

Can I also ask what tool you are using to test the LEDs?

It’s the usb CC/CV buck-boost converter.

Pics are taken by phone at fixed WB (5500k unless stated otherwise).

I would like one pack please.

Thanks for making these available.

Please reserve one pack for me. Thank you.