1st impressions, Shiningbeam "Caveman"

The Caveman has one of the best clips or maybe the best clip of any of my lights. It's not intrusive and seems to stay out of the way when using. I don't really notice it when using the light unless I want to use the clip. It's also easy to remove. The way they attach this clip to the light, it's more secure than about any clip I have.

The fins are really nicely done and I like them. They ramp up in size from the size of the body up to the increased size of the head making the transaction in size a pleasant one. I don't know if the reason they put them on this light is to keep the light cool, but if that is the case, it works. I turned it on high with two fresh NiMh batteries and left it on for a battery test. The light only got barely warm. There is a night and day difference between the heat transfer of the Caveman and my Quark AA2 Tactical.

The light isn't really a thrower although it still throws every bit as good as my Jetbeam BA20 and Klarus P2A and better than my Quark AA2 Tactical.

I emailed Bryan at Shiningbeam and thanked him for his fast shipping and a great light. He emailed me back and said he gets more positive feedback on the Caveman than any light he has ever sold.

My friend who bought one on my recommendations told me after he got the Caveman and started using it, he now doesn't know what he is going to do with his 4 older Surefire lights. He told me that he can't imagine ever using them again after seeing the quality and brightness of the Caveman. It blew him away that he was able to get so much output from 2 AA batteries. He loves the fact that he doesn't have to use CR123 batteries anymore. All from a light that cost him less than half what his older Surefires cost him.

I talked him into buying a Blaze and he got it last night. He was peeing his pants when he called me to tell me about it. He had never experienced so much light from such a small package. He had no idea that a light like this was even available. This is from a guy who has the most expensive military equipment you can imagine. $4000 night vision devices and the like.

+1 about the clip. I never leave clips on any of my lights, but on the Caveman you don't really notice it.

One other comment about the clip, in another post someone said you can change the position of the clip to cover up the "Caveman" logo if you don't like it. Nope, you can't. There is a special cutout for the clip that is in one position only.

I personally think the light looks better with the cooling fins than it would look without them.

Oh, I checked the draw at the tailcap on the Caveman.

.05A on low, .5A on Med, 1.2A on high. That was with regular old Costo alkaline AA batteries. I haven't put Eneloops in it yet.

I might get another Caveman, it is pretty impressive. It's also a great gift light for non-flashaholics who don't know what an 18650 is.

You're right on moving the clip over to cover the Caveman label. I tried it first before I posted that but I didn't actually tighten down the ring and cap and I didn't notice the grove until now. That might be the reason it's such a good clip. Strong and secure.

I'm tempted here by this light.

It seems like a good alternative to the Quark X AAx2.

Has anyone got any beamshots of the neutral?

Would this light take the 4/7s deep pocket clip?

I emailed the vendor but no reply...

I think you need to use the stock clip, it is attached in an unusual way.

I don't think so. The diameter of the body of the Caveman is larger than the Quark.

hi guys,

thinking of getting one. Can anyone confirm PWM on the light please?

ShiningBeam still doesn’t send to Turkey :frowning: Is there a SB agent to buy from them ? :slight_smile:

Received my Caveman T6 version the other day. Quality and finish are outstanding! The only thing was the head was a little bit stiff, but I think that's due to the silicone grease. I removed the grease and put some super lube grease and now it's very smooth twisty action.

I would forward it to you but with shipping from Germany to Türkiye (even uninsured)... plus the danger of import taxes (19%) on anything above €26,30... makes that a pretty uninteresting option.