1x18650 XP-E Flashlight for $2.99; Deal?

I ordered one of these yesterday. Probably a dud, but for $3 I figured I'd give it a go. I'm hoping it's at least moddable and has a pill of some kind and will accept some form of real reflector (I'm afraid to hope for it coming with an alu reflector).

Edit: US user( s ) report $1.00 (fast-ish) shipping for them. For me in Canada it was free shipping estimate at 20-30 days.

Edit2: US user( s ) also reporting some form of tracking info is provided for that $1 shipping.


If they are good, I'll order a bunch for giveaways to Li-Ion competent friends.

Anyone already have this?

Free slow shipping to Canada.

$1.00 quick shipping to USA.


I don’t have that light, but I bought a different, 26650, light from the same seller, poozoo. Shipping was pretty fast, and the light wasn’t bad.

I know that you can’t tell yet, but was wondering if this could be used to host 20mm 3up emitter star? Dimensions say 24mm, so I’m thinking of getting one, just to try also.

Thanks for the heads-up!


You read my mind. I have the 3-up TIR and star sitting right here, and I was thinking about that too. I’ll probably get these in a mini Mag before that light arrived, but the dimensions sound like there’s a chance. I doubt the pill will be happy with a 20mm star though.

I just got two torches from poozoo, good seller…

Was one of them that $13 1x26650 champagne coloured light? Looks nice, but I resisted for now.


Heh, heh.

BTW, I also have one of these coming in to try:

gcbryan said it fits a TIR, so I’m thinking that the 3up with a Carclo lens should fit also ?

P.S. Sorry to kind of semi-hijack your thread…

Well at that price can’t say no. I am in for 2. Likely swap emitters with something brighter out of my bin and give them away…….they should work with CR123’s….

I have a couple of XP-E2s here that need a home. Might dedome one and see if I can get a tiny thrower out of some small host, maybe this one. Probably needs a real reflector though.

poozoo must be wondering why he all of sudden got a bunch of orders… “BLF Effect” :)!

Really looks like an S5.

Ohh, if it’s anything like that, I’m happy. Solid pill, moddable tailcap, alu reflector!
This $2.99 one is probably a cost reduced clone with none of that, but one can hope. :smiley:


Maybe the same as this one:



I bought one earlier, and already got an email saying it shipped :)… However, no tracking #, so I sent email asking if he was going to be able to provide one. No harm asking, I guess?

£2.39 delivered to UK. Might get one.


i ordered two, so i hope it’s a good deal :slight_smile:

Hi ohaya, definitely no harm in asking, but I doubt a $3 order will get a tracking number. Oh, but you paid for shipping, maybe the $1 shipping is tracked? Let me know, if so I’ll update the OP.

Ordered one. Nothing ventured, nothing gained…

Looks like a neat edc. Ordered a couple. Probably will try a nichia in one of them.

Thanks for sharing the finding.