1xAAA Zoomies

Are there any still in production? I searched high and low and came up with only a couple discontinued models.
I searched all the chinese retailers I can think of and havent found ish.
Anybody know of any?!

I found a couple Led lensers but none are very small…


I have this one. Its not that bright, but convenient.

This one here:

But it is not a budgetlight.

The short version is using a 10250 LiIon cell, the long version is a 10440 (i.e. AA sized) LiIon cell (Both body sizes is supplied with the light).

P7 8407 2-Mode 175-Lumen Zooming LED Flashlight
4 x AAA

T7 7439 200-Lumen 2-Mode Waterproof Zooming LED Flashlight

OP said single AAA

What make are they? Any more details?

They are from from a flashlight enthusiast. For that light he had some special 10250 IMR cells made, to get enough power.

You can see more about his lights here: http://www.matchboxinstruments.com/

Quote isnt working so Thanks Silverbolt!

Bought. I like this one! Thanks, exactly what I was looking for.

Do you have any idea of the pill on this? Or even the LED in it?

There is no pill as such, it is a direct drive light. He makes it with different leds, I have lights with warm and cold XML leds and also a warm Nichie led.

If you’re asking about the little zoomy on Ebay… I dont recognize the LED. It looks like a solid yellow LED (no stripes), and it has two little metal pubes coming from opposite sides

I was speaking of the Ebay zoomie, but nonetheless Thanks for the info HKJ I am sure someone was wondering! Those little gems are beautiful, true art.

I will see about the zoomie though I have one on order now. Ill come back when I get it :bigsmile:
Sounds like a noname emitter though…


heh I found it comical :smiley: