2*AA P60 dropin...

I am looking to build a P60 dropin that will only be used with 2*AA batteries, likely Eneelop batteries. I understand that there is not a good option or any option… for a tiny13a 2*AA driver. If that understanding is still true, what is the best driver to use? I am planning to build around either the 219C or an XM-L2 4C. I would like good output, decent low moon and no disco modes. Mode memory would be nice but is not required.

I am thinking about using a second generation TG06 driver, but fit will be an issue since they are small. I may try to piggy back one on a stripped driver board. Are there any better options out there? I could use 14500’s in series, but I have not ventured into lights that run in series since it sounds like they could be a little more risky than single cell lights. I am also leaning toward not using 14500’s because I would like to park this light with batteries and not worry about it for months on end and I would like to use it in the truck during very hot and very cold weather. This is being built for a Dereelight Javelin and Solarforce L2r.

Thanks Matt

I’ve built a couple of 2xAA P60s, using the single-mode low-voltage driver available from Richard:

similar from FastTech here as a single mode:

…and five-mode:

It’s a good drive level for an XP-G2 or Nichia 219b, works well in the P60s.

RMM and HarleyQuin have a pretty good looking programmable attiny13 driver(s) here

or I’d recommend the LD30 available from Banggood and Simon

the LD30 driver from simon’s aliexpress shop is another option. There are other sources of ‘LD30’ drivers with apparently different modes. The one from simon’s shop has moonlight (sub lumen), medium and high. Medium and high are hardly distinguishable using a primary cr123. Current on high is around an amp http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/LD30-flashlight-driver-circuit-board-CR123-version/330416_32255534881.html

I’ve used Simon’s version of the LD-30 in 2xNiMH flashlights, and as eebowler says, low is moonlight, and the other 2 modes are both about full brightness.
(I’m using Solarforce’s “L2 Series” 2-cell battery tubes with “4/3AF” NiMH (cells the same size as 18650s)

It’s not an ideal setup.
I’m waiting on RMM’s “someday maybe” multi-mode 2xAA driver. Meanwhile using his single mode driver.