2 AA to D adaptor for lantern

I just order the Rayovac Sportsman Extreme lantern Link which uses (3) D sized batteries. This lantern is wired in series, I have (2) batteries facing down and (1) battery facing up.

My question is it safe to use a 2 AA to D adaptor like this one Link

or should I purchase a 1 AA to D adaptor? Thanks for your help.

I’d suggest going for two AAs (6 total). That would provide better run times and higher current (not really a problem with 4 watts), and it looks like you could run just one cell in each adapter in a pinch.

You can get 2AA to D adapters too, but this is pricey.


Edit. Sorry, that should be '3AA to D adapters'.

They are already in my wish list, and I agree they are expensive.

The price of a pair of those ($12) is starting to come close to a pair of Tenergy Centura D cells. If you add in the price of AA batteries, it’s more expensive than Tenergy Centuras. But the capacity is still less.

Absolutely save, even the C and D cell nimh which you can purchase consist of two, three or four smaller AA and AAA cells which are welded together in parallel configuration inside the tube.
Just make sure that they are about on the same charge level before putting them in the adapter.

3 and 4 cell are cheaper at fasttech but sadly in series, but I guess they could be modded to parallel…

I have the white 2AA to D adapters from fasttech and they are quite nice, I guess the plastic hinge will break after a lot cycles, but I am fine with that.

I have seen some different lanterns some had 5050 LEDs and some a cree XML but all were moderately driven at maybe 1A or so. And this is a moderate current for D cells so I see no problem to use even primaries…

The old Eneloop C and D cells were like that. That’s why the capacity was so low compared to other C’s and D’s. But other C and D cells like Tenergy aren’t like that. After all, they have the capacity of four AA batteries. And four AA batteries won’t fit into a D.

I want in series right? I got these Link

Those are parallel. If they were serial you'd double the voltage.

The ones you ordered are the right ones, they are in parallel.
So you have double the capacity of one AA but the same voltage.

Personally I think I’d just use primary D cells. You can buy in bulk on ebay for quality Duracell Procell ones for not a huge amount of money.

The reason for this is runtime. 2xAA NiMh is only going to be 4000-4600mAh. A primary D cell is more like 12,000 - 16,000 mAh is it not?

A while back I bought some 2AA -> D cell adapters for my 3D MagLite, which I promptly converted to running 6 AA Eneloops. Have to say I quite dissapointed. Despite them being LSD batteries, they had gone flat when I went to use the light (no parastatic drain either as its a mechanical switch). And runtime was noticeable a lot less than good old D cells.

Thanks for the update. I have quite a few AA eneloops and that is the only reason I’m using the adaptor. I’ll probably purchase a few alkaline D cells just to have around.

The reason is because alkaleeks have ruined so many flashlights.

It depends heavyly on discharge current.
15Ah are reached with 0.25A and until 0.9V.
On 1 A discharge you get 10Ah until 0.9V and 8Ah until 1V is reached.
On 2A discharge there are only 3Ah left…

So normally for us a primary is worthless because even bad driven lights have
above 2A.
In this case I also mentioned it above because I have a lantern(with a energy saving bulb in it) too and that is the only light with primary D cells in it(pulls 0.5A so it will work about 20 hours)…

The runtime increase is funny, a old bulb flashlight never goes out, with sinking voltage the current decreases and it will dim but you can see light for days. I have disassembled lights which had batteries in them from 1994(best before date so actually older) and still worked a bit so that people could use them once a week for lighting some things up.
A eneloop has higher voltage so higher current and less runtime but brighter.

You should google battery datasheets, nice lecture. Energizer and duracell have all batteries listed. The duracell procell are the same as the often cheaper with the “original equipment accessories” printed on.
I have about 70 duracell AAs “original equipment accessories” and about 20 have leaked so far, the supermarket batteries are better in that case…
The sk68 are AA destroyer…

This is from a duracell D cell datasheet:

You are right, they have more capacity but shipping cost of them to Turkiye, doubles the cost for me.
I have already GP 9000mah D-cells, but they are not LSD.
They are expensive, so I do not order them now.

Yes, shipping is often the deal-breaker.

Is there no amazon prime free shipping in turkey?

All electronics on amazon can not be shipped directly to Turkey,
but I can use a forwarder such as globalshop.net
Their minimum cost for shipping is around $33 to Turkey.
Items over 100 euros are subject to customs tax and processing fee of $75.

Is there no turkey amazon? I thought this would exist in every country…

There is no Turkish Amazon,
but there is www.gittigidiyor.com, which is ebay’s Turkish version, only sellers and buyers in Turkey.