2 bike lights from FT, any info?

Is there any owner of those:

How is build quality and thermal management? I want to buy one of those, but dunno if it is worth.
Best regards, Mike

I find it easier and a better investment to use a Convoy S2 or M2, or M1 or C8 for the build quality, thermal management and overall convenience rather than one of these.

I’m not a fan of cheap generic lights because the tint is usually so bad, but 8500k tint? I’ve never owned an led light at 8500k, and if the tint of the 2nd linked one is anything like the first, it’s well into the blue. You’d have to be a big fan of cool white light but it would annoy me. 3C tint is in the comfort zone.

It would make a great Zombie detector though…

Led will be swapped. I would like to use it as addition to MJ-872 I have already.
I consider it as a host for modding. No more.

Like it.
Damn, it’s getting cheap (I paid $46 earlier in the year).
Use mine on the roadie during winter, so no heating probs.
Only downside for me is the illuminated switch. It’s quite bright and can be a little distracting.
I’d get another one.
Edit: Build quality good IMO.

there’s a thread about the solarstorm X 2 here - SolarStorm/FandyFire X2 - SolarStorm/FandyFire X2 | Mountain Bike Reviews Forum