2-cell Light Not Discharging Batteries Properly

My STL-V2 went dead on my walk tonight, but one battery is only half discharged or less while the other is totally discharged. So it may have tripped when it cut off. Is it the batterys’ fault or the light’s? The cells are 18500s, Trustfires. They’ve never been high capacity. I guess I should not be surprised?

Various things might have happened but suspect both cells until you figure out which one is the culprit. The totally discharged one might have become that way from the other cell being faulty and sucking power from it. So either cell could be to blame. Watch em very carefully or toss em and start over. Personally, I’d dispose of em and get some better cells.

I have AW and Intl-Outdoor brands in 14500 protected cells and can’t complain about either.

With cells in series, they will both drain at the same rate. This means that you are limited to the capacity of the lowest cell (weakest link). Once that weak link cell is discharged, you’re done - no matter how much is left in the other( s ).