2 Channel AMC7135 Slave Board

So here is an oddball 2 channel linear driver that I am sharing on OSHPark OSH Park ~. I am going to use two of these boards for my Colorizer project. IT NEEDS JUMPERS FOR THE VDD LINES TO WORK. The clean back side GND is solder masked for direct contact to metal, or a heat sink.

An important distinction with this board, is that the AMC7135 footprints have been abbreviated so as to cram them close together. I will be reflowing mine on a hotplate. This means that HAND SOLDERING WILL BE VERY DIFFICULT.

Have just submitted the boards, so may want to check back to get final approval before ordering.

Looks like it will be quite handy for piggy backing and such. Will be ordering some after it's tested. :)

Just give this thread a bump or check in on the contest build. This isn’t really a driver, meant to say slave like you mentioned, so changed the subject line.

To cram even more in you can cut off the ground tab sticking out of the end and make a custom Eagle footprint with a shortened tab. I’ve done it a few drivers, enabling me to squeeze in more of them.

MikeC, that’s really getting after it with the ground tab trick, I’ll file that away to the memory banks, such as they are. I’m thinking that 1.4A-1.5A will be plenty for each die of the XML-Color, and that’s if I decide to go that high :slight_smile:

Board populated with one amp per channel has been tested, and works well. It will be a bit before a fully loaded pcb with 4+ amps per channel is tested.