2 Classic EDC Lights withdrawn


*Fenix* L2S,1W Led AA and, Streamlight *Microstream AAA* momentary clicky! Both in excellent shape, no visible marks, or dings. Pm me for email for photos. Continental US only, $25 for both. Not Selling these separately. PM me for PayPal info.


Please post photos of the lights you are selling?

Any one have directions to post pic??


PM Me for pic,
this is why can we not attach a photo like on every other computer program, a paperclip, search, upload???
attach a BBC code something easy, sorry for the rant. I thought computers were supposed to get smarter, and make life easier. UGH!

I’ve tried that. I guess I don’t know what url it want or it won’t work wit flicker?

Put exclamation marks before and after the URL: ! URL !

Proof of concept

Hey, Paul.

I might bite (if you post pictures). :slight_smile:

Courtesy of imgbb. :beer:


Now I get it.


:+1: ! :beer:

Man, that Fenix is a classic all right. Who else is old enough to remember when 1W LEDs were the next big thing?

Google doesn’t come up with anything, must be one of the first Fenix to hit
The marketplace.

6/19/2007 according to the Flashlight Museum. CPF has a review from 10/2006.

Wowoa blast from the past. Should be a good swap candidate. Heavy thick body as I recall. :stuck_out_tongue:

Vintage! A Classic, with holster. :student: