2 Mini Maglite 3AA Custom Builds by AdventureSports....

Hi all,
I love the 3AA Format in flashlights, but I also love them to be pocket friendly.

The 3AA Stock LED lights are 8.75 inches long and about 200 OTF Lumens.
The Stock 2AA LED Mini Mag is 6.8inches or so and also about 200 OTF Lumens.

Light #1 is my favorite and impressed me by a large margin vs. other custom lights I have seen.

—-It is a Tripple XPL light engine in Direct Drive
—-Over 1500 tested OTF Lumens with 3AA L91 cells…I only get 3amps at tailcap, so very good OTF for low amps.
—-Only About 6 3/4 inch overall lengh (yes, the size is almost identical to a factory 2AA MiniMag): yet fits 3AA cells
—-Tailcap is copper cap to be shorter
—Bezel used is a Incan MiniMag cause they shorter.


Light #2 is equally impressive but built to be modular.

It is essentially a 2AA MiniMag LED that has an AA extension built to make it a 3AA format.

—Stock LED reflector for throw
—XPG2 on copper star for performance in DD light engine
—Does 1.4A at tailcap, yet does over 500 real OTF lumens
—used 3 L91’s to test tailcap amps and lumens
—Spring mod for lower resistance
—The OAL is still only 8.5 inches for a 3AA build that factory 3AA Mini mag was 8.75inches

Here is where it becomes interesting. I can put a 16mm XHP70 or MTG2 anytime I want. Simply solder in place and take off the extension and use 2 IMR 14500 cells and that’s it. Than I would have a 3000 Lumen 2AA MiniMag, but for now it will remain as seen in pictures.


nice builds man!
I dig the first one a lot and want to build a triple just waiting for RMM to have more spacers in stock. the second one is nice where did you get that Pill?

I believe he bought the lights from Adventure Sport

oh ahahaha, ok than GOOD JOB spending your money on some custom lights from VOB :slight_smile:

yeah, I know this is the DIY section and I have done several Mag builds but I the low cost to just have vestureofblood do the build was too good to pass up.

He builds pills pretty easily since he has copper, his own boards to direct drive and put a positive contact, and he has almost any emitter on copper star in stock too. By the time I order the parts individually and attempt to put together he had this shipped and back in my hands.

Plus, he can build threads for extensions and makes great pill light engines if all you want is a light engine from him.


The MiniMag drop-ins vestureofblood makes and are very modular in case one wanted to move into another hosts or change emitter and driver.

Next time I build a Minimag I am just gonna buy the drop-in from him. Then just hand dremel a MiniMag bezel interior and cut the plastic reflector or use an Optic as I need.

By far the MiniMag XPL triple is my favorate. Its just so cool and easy to slip in the jean pocket and call it a day.

next to EDC items, you can see how small it actually is:


Linky to this drop in for the mini mag plz?

The website might not advertise it but you can email him and ask or call.
He also runs a P60 copper drop-in thread here:


I usually just IM him on this website via his handle vestureofblood or email at adventureportflashlights@Hotmail.com……The drop-ins would require you to dremel the interior of your MiniMag a tiny bit just an FYI.


I forgot to mention the XPG2 with stock deep reflector is putting down 10K LUX consistent.

Not the most throw but a lot of throw for such a small reflector. I am waiting for my Eneloops to see if I get more tailcap current and hopefully more lux.


Wow BigC, I wasn't expecting to see a thread on these. I couldn't be happier that you are enjoying them though.

Your enthusiasim for this hobby correction: way of life, is unwavering. I thought your idea about the short 3AA was a good one. It's nice to see a fresh idea walk in the door from time to time.

Thanks again.

Hi Matt,
Yeah, I definitely am excited. I think you should sell these MiniMag light engines as drop-ins. Most of us can go to Hardware store and purchase a 25/32in drill bit to bore out exact size needed to drop-in your pill or the P60 screw in pills. Of course this is for the Factory MiniMag Incandescent.

With a 2AA MiniMag Incan at $11 bucks drilled out and your Drop-In with standard 16~17mm contact board. Folks here can put XHP50, MTG2, or XHP70.

For me a XHP50 with 6V board I would DD off 2 14500’s for 8.4V input but estimated 2A tailcap current for around 2K lumens.

Inexpensive to build, yet offer:
—-Would look like a factory MiniMag 2AA
—-Offer 2000 Lumens
—-have 20~30min runtime
—-$12 MiniMag
—-$ P60 drop-in Pill or Vestureofblood drop-in