2015 best thrower single 18650

Hi there, i have jacob 60… or what it is called… thats very good flashlight. im still thinking that is there new flashlights out there that is better than jacob? have you any ideas of those?
please tell me about those if you know something… thanks… sorry my english i am from finland.

Hi Vihru.

The Jac60 is a really cheap flashlight, hm, nice for this price. Maybe also a good modding host!

Have a look at the Olight M2X-UT Javelot :wink:

Greetings from germany,

That looks nice! But costs little bit :smiley: is there any cheaper one?


Take a look at ThorFire C8 at Amazon ($21.99):

Or, if you don’t mind no mode memory, it’s cheaper ($16.99) at Banggood:

(Don’t know about shipping charges to Finland.)

thanks a lot!

Isnt Convoy C8 also a good candidate vs Throfire’s C8?

Yez Y3 is on sale now for $26ish (can’t remember vendor)

Wouldnt Convoy L2 be better then, 33$?


This :D. But probably too expensive.
If you’re going with the C8 format, look at the convoy C8. Awesome quality with a good price.

Thorfire C8 or Convoy C8? what is better one? if you want beam for long distance?

Neither in stock form will throw better than your Jacob A60. It’s about 55kcd (A60) vs 25kcd (C8).

IMO, they are all about the same. The next step up is YEZL Y3 mentioned above. Wait for it to go on sale. (Make sure it comes with 18650 adapter.)

Yezl at Gearbest for $24.99 using code YEZLCM

Gearbest has been fine for me—I think because I’ve kept orders to
single product type per order.