[2018-02-01] Tor connections to BLF will be blocked

Hmmm, logs yes, but not really easy to parse like that.

How about only blocking new users with Tor? It can be a start, and if problems still persist with current user(s), then you can look into other options.

Ok. As an analyst, I love making meaning of data. I know you’re a talented guy/gal but if you could ever use a extra hand sorting thru things, I’d be glad to lend a hand.

That would be a good idea, but actually the blocking would happen at a low level, before the BLF forum engine loads and the user gets recognized.

I didn’t know Tor users were here on BLF. I don’t know much about it, but based on what I do know, blocking it would probably be a good idea.

I use tor but not for BLF.

Really hoping this thread doesn’t turn into “block everyone on tor because they must be up to no good!


Yes as Tor relays are public info.

I don’t use Tor here but it’s a pity that it would come to this… However, I suspect blocking Tor is going to be a common thing on popular forums, if it isn’t already. I won’t endorse it, but I won’t oppose it either.

Block it, no one will complain...


Tor basically enables acess the dark Web I guess BLF has a link up on wiki? The Chinese government has a firewall up that blocks people for accessing certain website most common would be Google. Most of us have a Gmail account. So most people use a VPN to get around the firewall. Or I guess some use Tor.

Blocking tor is okay with me.

I remember Simon from convoy once mentioned while answering to a question I made that he has trouble accessing blf, so I guess that is the only case I can think of that will affect the forum, people from China, representatives of the companies that interact with the users, etc

Get some feedback from our Chinese compatriots first they are the ones dealing with a national firewall. If they do access BLF through TOR you would be hard pressed to shut them out. Dammed if you do Dammed if you dont. Normal users dont need to hide behind TOR when accessing a flashlight site… JUST SAYING

Actually, quite the opposite. TOR is NOT recommended for torrents. In fact, it’s actively discouraged.

Too much traffic bouncing back’n’forth for each little packet, and each little packet bounces through several layers (servers, etc.) to really scramble someone’s tracks. All that activity is almost as bad as trying to watch a video over TOR.

Plus, there are security holes doing so, and you bug everyone else on TOR. See https://www.torproject.org/download/download-easy.html.en and especially item b.

The Truly Suave™ can get by just fine with a VPN.

Hell, even NordVPN was advertising on teevee commercials here.

Anyhoo, banning TOR likely won’t stop that kind of jackassery that was going on. They may just get clued in and use a VPN instead.

But if it’s just one or two chimps doing so, hey, anything to keep the animals in their cages can be a Good Thing.

This is my understanding also.

I find it amazing that people would go to that extend to troll in this forum… You might think that using VPN or switching to mobile data would be enough… but TOR?

Put down the hammer SB!


Blocking Tor is okay with me, but I don’t think it’ll stop trolls from using VPNs.

Put down the keyboard, Jan!