[2019-05-08] Maintenance finished

Hi everyone, This is to let you know that at some point during the day today the site will be briefly offline for some necessary maintenance. I'm sorry that I don't have an exact timeframe, as it depends on several factors that are out of my control. Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding!

Maintenance completed. Please post here if you run into any new bugs or issues with this update. Thanks, and have fun!

Thanks sb. :+1:

No new bugs, but I was right in the middle of composing a very long response in a private message when the maintenance work began. When I finished and hit the “Send Message” button, the screen refreshed and I was logged out of the site. After a couple of attempts, I finally got logged back in to find my post didn’t make it. :frowning:

Click the “back” button of your browser until you’re back before you sent the message. You may be able to recover it.
On my Firefox I recovered many posts like that…

Thanks sb for keeping the forum problem-free.

Sorry about that David. It happened to me before a few times, including once when writing a lengthy review. It took me a few days before I got the motivation to re-write it.

Yeah, I’ve lost stuff before as well. I just move on, but like you, it sometimes takes me a while to get motivated to re-write what I lost. I still haven’t re-written what I lost today, but I will sometime. In the past, other members have said that they always copy out their text before publishing it, so if it gets lost in the screen refresh, they can just paste it back in and try again. I was doing that for a while, then I quit it.

Perspective: If that’s the worst thing that happens on this site from sb doing maintenance and repairs, it’s not THAT big of a deal. And so far it IS, so I’m all good. :wink:

I got bit so many times like that, that any lengthy posts I have (reviews, work stuff, etc.), I do as text first, then c&p into the message box when I’m ready to send.

Ooh! My sincere apologies, David. The thing is, they pre-alerted a rather important security fix that would be released somewhere between noon and 5:00 PM EST, and I had something important to do from 4:00 onwards. So I couldn’t just leave it for the next day, nor could I take the time to put up a countdown timer because I had to get started immediately on applying the patch while I still had time. Sorry for your lost post. :frowning:

On the other hand: you have saved me from some severe embarrassment. I was about to enter a post suggesting that a highly respected member had omitted something quite important in a review. Found out later he did not. Could have seen that if I did something more than just looking.

-Hello Mr. Admin,

I just noticed, that there are no ‘N new’ (replies) markers for the threads in recent posts page. Did that went missing by accident, or it is an intended change?-

Oh snap, probably that happened, but I never wanted to hit it, so either way, it was an accident :frowning:
(I would be happy, if that button could be hidden by user preference, because then that is a very dangerous thing)

Did you click on the Mark Read button?

I see 'N New' on my computers.

That would be fairly hard to do from an administrative standpoint. But I’m sure you could use a browser extension to remove it on your devices.

Thank you for all that you do, Mr. Admin.

My pleasure! Thanks to all of you for being here too.

If you have uBlock Origin installed (very good blocker for ads and other problematic stuff), then you could try:

  • right click on the “Mark Read” button to get the pop-up menu
  • click on “Block Element”
  • you’ll get another pop-up, usually at lower right of the window
  • look for “Cosmetic filters” and click on ‘##[href=“/forum/markasread”]’
  • click on “Preview” to see if it works - the “Mark Read” button should disappear
  • click on “Create” and the “Mark Read” button should be gone.

I presume other blockers can do similar things, but uBlock Origin is the one I use.

Thank you, I’ll give it a try.