[2022-01-05] Please clear your browser cache if experiencing trouble with Advanced Post Editor

Hi everyone,

I had the site offline for about an hour while I worked on some routine security maintenance. You may notice a change in the Advanced Post Editor, which needed to be updated.

NOTICE Please clear your browser cache if you experience trouble with the Advanced Post Editor not loading. This should only be necessary once.

If you notice any new issues please post here.

Thanks for your patience! Have fun.

Testing 1 2 3.

Testing again.

1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8
9 10 11 42


  • Yep
  • Yep
    • Yep
    • Yep
  • Yep


:) :-)


I cannot post in any thread using Chrome.

I can post with Firefox, but I prefer to use Chrome.


I closed Chrome, ran CCleaner, opened Chrome, got a few errors on BLF, and now I can post on BLF in Chrome again.

(If I get the error again, I'll post it in this thread.)

Chrome did you a favour but you undid it :frowning:
Firefox FTW :partying_face:

I like PlayStation and Android.

Let me guess...

You like Xbox and iOS?

Nope on both counts.
Firefox has more features.

I'm pretty sure it's just a matter of clearing your Chrome cache. For me it works normally in Chromium. But I'd appreciate it if other Chrome users could let me know if they're experiencing any problems.

I would test BLF on my other computer, but I'm running Memtest86+ on it right now, and that program takes forever to test RAM.

(Some of my RAM is bad, and I need to figure out which sticks of RAM to replace.)


I'll test out BLF on my mom's laptop in the meantime.

I had that happen on an old computer, took a long time to figure out it was the RAM because it was very intermittent.
I tell you being down to 32MB (yes MB) of RAM was no fun even way back when.

So you have my sympathies :beer:

Thanks, appreciate it. It’s probably only going to cause trouble on a browser that was already using the old version of the Advanced editor. Still not sure why Chrome wouldn’t clear the cache, but that’s the issue.

Okay, I'm on my mom's laptop.

I had to run CCleaner to be able to post on BLF using Chrome.

I did not get any errors like on my laptop, so that's good.


By the way, when I could not post on BLF, I couldn't post with Advanced Post Editor, Simple Post Editor, or Plain Text.

So Firefox is superior :person_with_crown:

Had you recently used BLF on that laptop and browser?

It took me a while to figure it out for me too.

My desktop computer would give me Blue Screens of Death every day or two.

I tried lots of fixes, and even tested RAM while running Windows, but I was told by Windows that my RAM was fine.

So far, Memtest86+ has done at least two passes, and has found lots of errors.

I won't know how bad it is though until I stop Memtest86+'s test, and I'm not going to do that until I get up tomorrow.

Speaking of which, it's almost my bedtime.