[2023-02-24] "My Links" sidebar menu

Hi everyone,

I just added an additional sidebar menu called “My Links”. It’s intended to help users of this new forum platform to know about several ways to locate their previous posts, both from the old BLF as well as their new posts that will generate notifications when there is new activity.

Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks! Have fun.

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Very much appreciated sb! I am getting used to go to my profile photo but with the side bar menu it gets better :wink:

Thanks for your work :raised_hands:

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That looks to be useful. Thanks sb


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Looks like it’ll be really useful.

It might be handy to put a ?order=activity on some of those links, to make it sort threads with the most recent posts to the top.

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Thanks, good idea. Done.

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I’d appreciate if you would make the “My Links” section collapsible like the others. The missing “>” thingy in front also puts the “My Links” at the wrong position (too far left).

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The “caret” it’s called. :slight_smile: That I was able to add.
Unfortunately I don’t think I can make it collapsible, it still requires a colossal mess of standard Javascript to place that menu in the sidebar, whereas Discourse uses the Ember.js framework for the UI, and I don’t think I can plug into that.

Very helpful, thanks.
My Activity is redundant with My Posts though ?

Good point, I totally forgot about “My Posts”. The goal was to put all of the different ways of seeing your posts in one place including “Topics” and “Replies”, since users were accustomed to looking at the left sidebar for Subscriptions and not in the User menu where it’s a bit hidden. How about if I change “My activity” to “My Reading” and link it to https://budgetlightforum.com/my/activity/read instead?

Sometimes the sidebar menu has just a few things listed, and sometimes it has way more listed.
Here’s a screenshot with just a few things listed.

Yep, it most likely relates to resizing the browser window, which for technical reasons that most probably don’t care about can make the additional menu items disappear. The sidebar is new in Discourse, so there’s not a lot of options yet for customizing it, and the current method requires some a lot of “creative” code to put it kindly.

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So weird…
Sometimes the problem is there, and sometimes it isn’t.
I disabled my Stylus hacks, and that doesn’t get rid of the problem 100% of the time. :thinking:

By the way, I have my browser window maximized almost all of the time, and the problem still happens.

Yeah, I’ve seen some strange issues like that too. Like, the timeline slider details would fit sometimes, but not others, and I don’t know what determines which is which. Sometimes it shows “1234 / 5678” just fine, even in a small window, while other times it can’t fit “12 / 34” even in a large window.

I think I fixed that one though, by putting a min-width on that particular page element. I still don’t know what caused it, but I haven’t seen it break again since adding that property.

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@sb56637, impressive agility tweaking the interface!

a few suggestions for the “my links” sidebar navigation:

  • use discourse terminology: “topic”, instead of “thread”
  • rename “participation” to what it is: topics i’ve replied to
  • since linking to “replied”, also add “created”; if so, no longer need “activity”
  • add bookmarks, to cover all replacements for drupal “subscriptions” in one place

it would look like this (with or without grammatical “to”):

My Links

…or even simpler, like this:

My Topics

Thanks for the great feedback @tercet . Hmm, I thought about the “Topics” terminology, but I’m not sure if users coming from the old forum will be able to relate to it very well. In the old forum, topics were actually technically “nodes” and subsequent replies were “comments”, but everyone referred to them as “threads” and “posts” respectively. Here I received one feedback comment from somebody that finds the term “Reply” confusing. So not sure yet. Still open to suggestions. :+1:

sure, this works to:

My Threads

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That might work, I like it.

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Done! Thanks for the great suggestion.

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