21700 5100 mAh?

There are 21700 cells marketed as 5000 mAh. For example LG H30. There are some others (f.e. Vapcell) which I assume either use H30 underneath or are fakes. (Frankly, marketing H30 as 5000mAh borders “fake” as well).

But Acebeam claims that they use a 5100 mAh cell in their lights.
I tried searching it…and failed.

Does anyone have an idea what it may be?

It’s probably the very newly released Santo NCR21700C that the new Acebeam light uses.

Sanyo recently released NCR20700C which is 3500 mAh. I failed to find anything about NCR21700C.

Any idea where this battery can be found?


I guess it was supposed to be a Sony 21700 model

I don’t know what cell lurks under the Acebeam IMR21700NP-510A wrappers but at 2A discharge down to 2.5V it measured at 4885mAh and 17.39Wh. DC Ri is 41mOhm. The over current protection if there is one is above 20A (that’s as high as my load goes up to).

Thanks maukka.
That’s about the capacity that Mooch got at 0.5A from Vapcell “5000 mAh”. At 5A it was way lower and I haven’t seen results with intermediate current.
So it may be the same cell. Or may not.

I find Efest 21700 5000 mAh here spec

I bought three Acebeam 21700 protected cells from illumn with the 25% “spooky” coupon.

Tested it in my Xtar Dragon
Discharge capacity is 4,992mah, 4,922mah, 5,008mah. However, output of the C8F 21700 was measured at 2,400 lumens compared with 2,850mah with the Samsung 40T. I suspect Acebeam used a LG M50 or Samsung 50E under the wraps.