21700 D4KTi COLORFUL version is available

I have an ore1 of the second batch and it’s not having markings . You ’re having an exclusive one .

Is it possible to get the flashing kit for $8.5 with a light? When I tried it was $14.5.

Here’s your picture :

I was surprised to see that 26350 tubes for Emisar D4S and D4SV2 were shown as available in all colors. I emailed Hank and he confirmed that green and cyan were really in stock.

I will finally have a 26350 tube for my green Emisar D4S that I purchased a year and a half ago, before 26350 tubes were available.

Noctigon K1, all colors back, including green version, 35HI version restocked.

D4V2 cyan version available,

When will be a new 21700 light?

I dream with a KR4 with the shape of the KR1 but using the D4S TIR lens and 21700 cell

The Cyan D4 is beautiful

I’m thinking about grabbing a cyan D4V2 with E21a and the 18500 tube, a first for me.

Is 3.8 amps from a Panasonic 18500 enough for E21a to do it’s best?

Is there a trustworthy review for that 18500 battery?

Test/review of Vapcell INR18500 2200mAh L22 (Gold) 2020

Based on the review, this Vapcell 18500 would be good enough for E21A to perform at its best.

Thank you, I wasn’t aware of that review. Admittedly, today is the first time I’ve entertained 18500, so knowledge was very limited.

Thanks again!

Hello Hank,

Can you get Osram KY CSLNM1.FY (yellow) emitter for Noctigon K1? As there is already green and red variant, I think, yellow is at least that useful, if not more (I would love one in my hands, to be honest).

Green KR1 next?

There are 18650 and 18350 version D4V2 cyan in stock, there is no 18500 cyan tube in stock.
You can choose black, grey, or sand color 18500 tube.

Hank, do you still offer custom built lights with SST20-DR in 670nm deep red wavelength? Someone reported that you were able to source a chromaticity bin with 670nm instead of 660nm (the more common wavelength available). Thank you! :-)

^ yes please!!

I am SO GLAD I haven’t bought the K1 yet, because now I’m going to! I’ve been scanning everywhere for a Green Emisar/ Noctigon… anything. I missed my opp with not ordering the green d4sv2 when I first started this hobby and didn’t realize they’d run out and never return. HANK- thank you! Amazing look on both the d4 and K1. Here goes another 2 bills… :sunglasses:

Hank. PM sent about flashing kit with flashlight.

I posted that, but the information was wrong, so I edited that post.

Once Hank received them, it turned out that they were actually SST-20-DR-B120-V660 Flux:X Voltage:V6 Color:D5. D5 is the 660nm-665nm chromaticity bin.

That’s still a higher peak wavelength bin than C01R XP-E2 Photo Red with P3 bin, which is the 655nm-660nm chromaticity bin.

That’s fine, Hank. I don’t actually need it. Not a big deal at all.

I’ll just take the 18350 tube. Easier to find good batteries for it anyway.

Just ordered a green K1 with the XHP35HI 4000K.
Should look good next to my dark gray K1 with the W1 (Osram CSLNM1.TG), 6000K, and my black K1 with XP-L HI V2 5D :smiley:

I would definitely buy one!