21700 D4KTi COLORFUL version is available

I did drop it to 1 if I did it correctly. I think the light is anduril 2 and I do have it in advanced mode.

I found the setting… I had started with the light on, not off. It now has an amazing ML mode!

We have one K9.3 with the configuration below in the EU warehouse, original price is $124.68, now 30% off, which is $87.2
for EU customers only.

Switch back light color:Warm White
CH1 (9 inner LEDs): Neutral White - SST20, 5000K
CH2 (3 outer LEDs): SST-20 Deep Red, 660nm

I can’t wait for a US warehouse deal. :innocent:

This is actually an item returned to the shipping company’s operation center, not a really “warehouse”.

For the US shipping, I kindly ask the customers from the US to make sure the shipping address is correct/valid,
even the zip code is very important, if the shipping address is invalid/incorrect, the package will be
returned to the sorting center, and will be DESTROYED there, there is no way that the package will be
returned to us, or reshipped to the customers. Please spread the words.

this is valuable information, thanks Hank! I will mention it.

I also just wanted to mention that there is a great group of people over on Reddit dedicated to the enthusiasm Emisar and noctigon products. They invited me to join a couple weeks ago and it's a fun place to talk among like-minded enthusiasts! Here's a link https://www.reddit.com/r/Hanklights/


If only this K9.3 had 219B SW35 or SW45K in CH1, I would immediately take it. :love:

You should make a separate thread for these great deals so they don’t get lost in the chatter about your awesome lights

My review of the Emisar DT8 SST-20 5000k

Read it from link @ reddit, i posted there too…
It’s my new koala spotting light and i dig the rectangle head.
had to remap the mind a little for Anduril 2 but didn’t take long.

Thanks. I’m surprised I didn’t knock any Koala’s out of trees with all those lumens.
I’ve also now found a compatible diffuser for the DT8 - the 22-50mm diffuser from Kaidomain, so have updated my review.

What is the quantity/pricing on the Nichia 219BT-V1 3500K & 4500K LEDs? And the shipping cost/time to the US?

[quote=Hank Wang]

Obviously - not the topic. But Henk; why do you stubbornly refuse to make head lamp !? It looks like you're the only decent manufacturer that doesn't have them in the lineup ... That's a decent chunk of the market.

Members from Europe: FYI, today I have received a three pages letter from FedEx with an invoice charging me EUR 10.57 (EUR 4.62 EU Import Tax + EUR 5.00 processing fee + 19% German VAT) for my recent order from Int‘l Outdoor Flashlights. Most interesting is the fact that FedEx charged me these costs three weeks after receipt of order.


I would love to see something like a Noctigon 3.1 headlamp, 3 emitters on one channel, 1 on another.

Ohhh that'd be nice!


sandblasted Titanium! (D4v2.. ) sandblasted titanium! (Kr4..) sandblasted Titanium! (Anything you want..) sandbla....

ok, I've made my point..


I received the KR4 mule 16 and the D4s2 Blue Swirl which looks awesome, thanks a lot for the beautiful color.