21700 host options?

Seeing the new Amutorch VG10, which looks awesome, but me being me prefer building something myself which brings me to my question. What 21700 hosts are available in the market? I’m aware of the C8F but that one is a triple which isn’t really what I want (although a triple Luxeon MZ C8F is really tempting)…

Eerr, exactly what is it you want? Besides the accepted cell size.

Tail switch / E switch

Larger head / tube style

Single emitter (throwy) / multi emitter


Admittedly there’s not much available but if you gave a better indication of what you want someone might make a good suggestion

I’m hoping Simon updates the small Convoy hosts, like the s6, to fit 21700s. Especially now that Mountain Electronics has boost drivers available. Would love the extra runtime for a single xhp 50.2.

I wanted to list what I want specifically but didn’t since I wanted to know what’s out there. I do want to see some single or multi emitter tube or something similar to a P60 style light with (forward click preferred) tailswitches. Driver cavity can be 17 or 20mm.

I presume Sofirn could be the right manufacturer to get this done. They have a lot of innovative ideas, they listen to their customers and flashlight enthusiasts like us here on BLF or TLF, they are very quick in developing something new from scratch and more or less they already have the right parts available to easily develop a nice 21700 host.

The C8S host on Aliexpress is very tempting for it can take 20mm drivers. It only lacks a minor update with the 21700 tube.


Solarforce have their great L2x hosts but unfortunately, they don't seem to be interested in making a 21700 option. Simon might also be the right one to ask as he currently released updates on the M1, M2, L2 and L6.

Yes! I really want to see an updated M1. Maybe a different model with similar form factor? I love the M1, it’s not too big and not too small. With a domeless emitter and the OP reflector, it makes a very useful beam and is the reason why I’m not so much into triples and quads now.

I would want to see maybe some different colors too. Maybe burnt bronze, grey, or even raw alu like the L2. That would be awesome.

Just saw the new Amutorch VG10 and it is WOW :open_mouth: :blush:
I’m still thinking of modding my VG10 (old version) and the new one appears :person_facepalming:

What size driver does the VG10 use, and is the light easily mod-able?

As far as I have read in a review the old VG10 (with XM-L2 and 18650 tube) used a 23mm driver. But there's no guarantee it's still the same in the new VG10.

Answering both questions about the Amutorch VG10 (old version):
a) The driver is 23mm diameter. The “pill” diameter (that is not a pill, it is the head the flashlight) is about 22.5mm. Thanks for referring the thread, Lux, as I forgot to upload more photos to clarify that. Will do it after in some minutes!!

b) The flashlight is moddable, but some things must be take into account, namely the tail and the clicky switch, as it is “shaped” for a big Forward Switch. This said:

1) the driver can be replaced easily, but its diameter must be taken into account. I don’t know if a 22mm driver will fit completely well, but with some “fix” it will fit!
2) the emitter/MCPCB can be easily replaced, you have access through the head to de-solder the wires. I am thinking about that on mine, I’m just deciding if I will opt for a “throwy” LED (the reflector produces a nice throwy beam), or a quad :smiling_imp:

Here are some photos (I will add them on the my review thread as well).

Great info and photos, thanks!