2222 Post Giveaway... Now closed: we have a winner!

Well this is my 2222 post. I used to be 1/5th of a Scaru Yackity-Yak, but I’m now up to 1/3 of a Scaru (my, the boy’s been slacking off lately). Maybe time for a giveaway. You’d think I might give away a couple of items or maybe even three… but you’d be wrong! It’s only one this time. The lucky wiener will get a LX-1010B lux meter. I’m too lazy to make and post a photo. If you are curious, Google is your friend. I have calibrated this meter against my Amprobe LED lux meter… it used to be off around 20%.

One entry per member. Post a “I like crap” or some such drivel message in this thread to enter. Wiener will be determined by random.org sometime around 16 May 2013. The decision of the judges is final. Must be at least 0 years old to enter. As usual, no zombies or yetis allowed.

Edit: we have a wiener… that crap lovin’ LIKEABOSS is the lucky fellow!

“I like crap”…. but I could really use a lux meter…. BTW, what IS a lux meter?

I already have crap. Nice giveaway item Texaspyro.
Just thought a link to the meter might help.

Bort fulfills all conditions for entry, but does notice the word judges, suggesting there is more then one person making the final decision (or multiple personalities)

I could always use more crap. I don’t have a lux meter, so that’s the ticket! :party: Thanks for the opportunity, Texaspyro. :slight_smile:

Hey, that ain’t crap for sure.

I’d love to have a lux meter. Count me in please. :slight_smile:

Mmmmm crap, ops i mean Mmmmmm Baaaacooooon!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

eyes is, Thanks!

More like this one…


I like crap - often I use Trustfire batteries and flashlights. Do I need more words I haven't a lightmeter until now, but for reviews it could be useful.

Well that one is even better.
I got you to give a link anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like crap,thank for this giveaway!

So, I have plenty of crap, a few luxies, pills, drivers, unfinished builds, batteries I need to pull from laptops, but interesting crap sounds interesting. Just remember one mans crap is another mans —- how does that go, anyways…don’t sound good talkin’ about another man’s crap…oh well, I want it…

Nice gesture there texaspyro. I’m sure it will find a good home. It will be along time before I hit 2000 posts as I have a life away from here.

I LIKE a crap!

Unless I’ve had a particularly hot Indian curry the night before, then it “burns burns burns………my ring’s on fire…….my ring’s on fire do do do dadoo doo doo doooooo”

me like this crap. please count me in.

Well I like crap and holy crap a lux meter to measure my crap wouldn’t be all that crappy at all.

If this crap can measure lux, then I could do with one. Thanks for the giveaway texaspyro.

i like drivelly crap