24-Feb-2010 -- No internet access

Hello everyone, looks like the utility workers cut the phone line or something, so I won't have phone or internet access for who knows how long. I'm at a public hostpot right now. So, carry on! ;-)

Hope you aren't deprived for long.

Sorry that sucks.......i have to have the internet. Thats one bill that's never late....lmao.

Oops - silly question I suppose.

Once got an email from a customer asking me to let him know if I didn't get it.

This question appears to be in the same league...

Ha, sorry about no updates. Back online. They seem to have upgraded the cabling or something. Still slow as mud though, just as before.

Welome back!!!!!!!!!

Thanks! Well, at least I got a lot of other stuff done while I had no internet access. The real miracle is that they fixed it on a Sunday.

Know that feeling. BT once fixed my line on Jan 2nd (When Scotland is shut). About 15 years ago.

Last time the line died it took 8 weeks to sort it. BT have a director whose job it is to apologise how crap they are. I've spoken to her several times.

Welcome back.......hey at least you can finish the day on the forums. Now its time to catch up.

Thanks a lot! Yep, I'll be catching up tomorrow AM, have a new review I need to post.

I wonder, is there anyone in the whole world who is satisfied with their ISP? They're all awful.

I guess it all depends........i grew up with dialup so i know how slow it can be. It took almost the whole day just to upload a 3-5 minute vid on youtube, so for the wife and I anything is better.

If there is, it is time their medication was adjusted.

Been with many of them. All of them suck. And don't get me started on British Telecommunications (BT).

There is nothing wrong with them that crucifixion of all of them wouldn't fix........

I have been a (reluctant) customer of theirs since 1990. Don't ask me how awful they are until you turn off your obscenity filter.