[26-JAN-2012] Slightly updated BLF site rules

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to direct your collective attention to the BLF Site Rules. I slightly updated one line, and added another one. So we now have 7 rules. :)

2. Please don't use dirty language, please don't swear, and please avoid lewd conversations.
The part about "lewd conversations" is new. "Lewd" basically means "dirty, off-color, especially with reference to sexual overtones". The reason for this rule is so that BLF continues to be a family friendly site. Basically, please don't post anything (words or images) that you wouldn't want a child or your wife to see.

3. Please avoid controversial or divisive subjects such as religion and politics.
This line is new. BLF is really growing recently, which we're all glad to see. But as more and more users from all over the globe start participating here, we have to make a special effort to keep the peace.

I personally am completely neutral with respect to all political affairs, and most of my closest friends are from different countries. Even here on BLF many of us have benefited from some really touching acts of kindness from members who live in different countries and continents. It must be admitted that all governments of all countries often make mistakes that affect both their own citizens and also citizens of other countries. So promoting or complaining about political issues on a public, global forum is bound to offend or alienate at least some users. Such conversations usually promote sweeping generalizations that are unfair to the common people who usually had nothing to do with the decisions made by the country they live in. For these reasons, please avoid the subject here. This also includes passive promotion such as signature lines that include political party affiliations.

As for religion, I deeply respect the importance of religion. However, a flashlight forum is clearly not the appropriate medium for disseminating religious teachings. Likewise, please avoid the subject here.

Thanks in advance to all our members for respecting these rules. It will greatly contribute toward maintaining the friendly, international flavor that characterizes BLF, and will help to keep the discussions clean and respectful.

Best regards! Have fun.

agreed upon and signed.

kreisler :glasses:

Thank You!!!

Thanks, sb. I think it's on all of us to self-moderate the forum, good to have guidelines to stay between.

I like these rules .

maybe a 'site rules' button much like the SPAM button. five clicks and it displays the site rules in place of the post


Actually I probably could make it email the rules to the user. Not a half bad idea.

Sorry about that.

I agree with the rules of this road.

Those work for me. Thanks for all your work.

Seems very fair. Thanks, Mr. Admin !

While I'm against prohibition, I wholeheartedly agree with these. This is a flashlight forum.

I'm not saying we (or anyone) should not talk politics, gender, sexuality, skin tone and other equally important subjects. I'm just saying this is not the place to talk about those.

Thank you!


thumbs up for all the above.

Thanks guys for your support!

Makes sense to me~

Please exempt jokes from censoring :)

I love the jokes contributed by the members of BLF, they are the best I find!


Moto, are you apologizing in advance for future infractions?

There is no forum on the web quite like this one.

BLF is much more than just a flashlight forum . . .


There's also no other user on the internet quite like you Foy. :bigsmile: We're very glad to have you here!