26650 bike mount

Those type might be solution for not to heavy torches

I have the DX clone block and though it does not quite follows the contour of my TF A8, it does holds well enough thusfar.
Having the light mounted hanging down, does help in stabalizing the light. Less flickering.

@BetweenRides, thanks for the heads up on the bonding issue with the straps. Thusfar they hold well. KrisKras

You're welcome, Kris - you can see the bonded strap perfectly in you picture. A8 is a nice cycling light, isn't it?

Yes it is. Got the BLF version on order and will pass this light on to my wife. :D
And with a C8 on the helmet. I'm all set.

O.K, I’ll put my 2c on the A8. The hot spot is good for cycling, not too small and intense like a C8, put the spill is pants. The emitter and lense are so badly recessed that out of all my flashlights the A8 has the most narrowest spill. You may not notice it at first, but when you go back to using another flashlight or bike light you suddenly realize you have a peripheral vision that has been missing with the A8. It’s especially noticeable on narrow roads or on trails. The SS bezel can be removed which improves the spill, but it’s still very narrow due to its recessed build. Nice light, but mine unfortunately has been resigned to collecting dust.

Here are the thumbscrews I bought for the Fenix AF02 flashlight holder.

These are expensive from Amazon, so hopefully you have a cheaper source.

you don’t say… 5 pieces for $12?? that’s a new flashlight right there…
anybody ever think about using buncha rubber bands?
work just fine… :slight_smile:

I use the universal rubber U mount for my KD C8. It is a lot better than the two strap velcro mount I was using. The 26650 lights have too large a diameter to fit, but if you can find a U mount that accepts a larger diameter light, I think a single battery 26650 light would be secure on the bars.

Dang you! Why'd you have to say this! I was really hoping the A8 would be an almost perfect cycling light! Argh!


Sorry Garry :open_mouth: . Maybe it’s just me and the narrow spill doesn’t bother some people. On the plus side the hotspot is good and you get superior runtime from a 26650 battery, and it does have a really nice build quality. Overall it is a decent bike light, but I prefer a typical P60 with better spill or the Shadow JM07.

I would like to hear BetweenRide's take on your opinion though.


You know what Garry, I just started using it again and it actually isn’t that bad without the SS bezel, in fact the spill is the same size as the Solar force hosts, although the SF hosts are a little recessed as well. Spill on the JM07, especially the new version, is still a lot wider. IMO the JM07 is just better, but I should qualify that the A8 is still pretty good once the bezel is removed.

Hmm . . . what about a comparison between the A8 and the Keygos M10? Do you have an M10?


Sorry, don’t have the M10. I may get one a little later, but again I appreciate a wide spill in a bike light. There’s a telling pic on this thread post 8:

The HD2010 looks deceptively big, that’s only because the flashlight is angled upwards. In my opinion the JM07 is tops, but everyone has their own preferences and Biggie prefers the M10 from this thread. Really don’t think you could go too wrong in getting any of the aforementioned lights.

JR probably rides his bike at night more than I do!

Garry, I always ride with two lights, so A8 would be used in a pair. It's a good bike light, but everything has to be tightened down or washer added to switch to avoid mode changes over bumps. I haven't used it alone but I can understand what JR is saying, as it is not a very floody light. I recently sold my A8 combo pack to another biker who was interested in getting into lights. I gave him the option of buying about 6 different lights and he picked the A8 with TF5000 and charger, plus a couple of mounts and a spare 18650 with sleeve. He loves it. I fixed the mode change problem, but it still does it when he used the 18650 on a recent ride. I suspect the cell is too short or the sleeve is not tight enough inside the battery tube.

I couldn't resist the new A8 BLF Edition, so I ordered another one today.

As JR mentioned, the JM07 is the perfect cycling light, has it all: bright, even flood and good throw, perfect modes, long run time with 26650. Another favorite is the Shadow BL-21 dedicated bike light, but it really needs to be used with a thrower to complement it's flood, for me at least. 4 of my cycling buddies use the BL-21 and really like it.

Thanks for the feedback BTR! I do like the looks/specs of that BL-21. I'm sure I could trust this more than some generic Bike light at the expense of more cost. Still debating between a dedicated Bike Light or a flashlight. I just don't do much night riding to need a dedicated light. The Shadow JM07 sounds/looks great, but it's a bit expensive (figuring even another $1.99 for neutral white at I/O).

I plan to get the A8 anyway, so I'll see how it does.


Bringing this thread back up because I just had a good chance to examine the TF A8's beam (although I need to do it again against other lights for a better comparison). I wasn't cycling (can't cycle around here for at least a month yet unless you stay on pavement) just comparing in my backyard. I really should get comparison beamshots. I have to agree with you whokilledJR, the bezel of the A8 does seem to interfere with the spill. I forgot to try removing the bezel though, so I can't comment on removing it. This is disappointing as I really wanted to love this light and wanted it to be perfect. So I'm thinking to try out the FastTech X-Power clone of the Shadow JM-07 and/or a modded Keygos M10 (I'm cheap, so it'll probably be the M10 even though I'll be close to the same cost of the X-Power by the time I finish).


Hi Garry, I used a bit of anti-adhesive gunk to remove the SS bezel on my A8, it does widen the spill, but nothing special. I don’t have the m10 or the Xpower JM07 clone, but if I were to choose I would go the Xpower as I’m guessing it uses the same reflector as the JM07, and like the other OEM lights probably has very good build quality. The M10, judging on another thread on the forum, didn’t have that wide a spill in comparison to the JM07

Edit: here’s the thread comparing spills, post #8:

The HD2010 looks bigger because it’s tilted upwards, but puts out around the same spill as the JM07.

I wondered about spraying a light coat of clear coat on the A8's reflector, but I'm afraid that won't widen the spill, just disperse the hotspot (which may not be bad either). Wish I could get an extra reflector for the A8 to try it. Could also try diffusion film (which I have).


I spluttered my A8 reflector and didn’t like the results, didn’t widen the beam profile just made it smoother with a brighter spill and less throw. I couldn’t find any place that sells a replacement reflector

Ah, thanks for that feedback. I don't remember you posting that you had done that (if you did post it). It'll save me the hassle.