26650 EDC or other manufactures of the Ultrafire F13?

It doesn’t sound like you want this for a modding host, how important is the tail switch?
This one looks like it meets your other requirements besides the tail switch, including the price ($23.71)


EDIT: (TBone already suggested above, but here’s a nice photo anyway!)

OK I must have missed this post. This host might be interesting.

Right now I am not able to reply to individual posts so.
Beam0, I do need the rear tail button since the light will be in my pocket exc and it will be less chance of turning on accidentally. The pic you link looks like the Trustfire A8 but with the side switch. I ordered the Trustfire A8 yesterday.
Thanks Beam0

Beam0, thanks for the KL-S26 link.
Thanks Again.

I will stick with the Ultrfire F13 as my host. I believe it has a great look and battery I am looking for. Now to mod it to put out some light.

I also ordered an F13 for mod host yesterday.


Thought this looked pretty nice though,
Similar to KD K5S but with knurling and no stainless bezel:

Manta Ray C8.2

XHP-50.2, 4-mode, no blinkies, 3A High mode…$33.49

SST-40 Version, 3-mode, no blinkies, 5A High…$29.50

HOST AVAILABLE…choice of OP or SMO reflector…$21.65

Nice fins!:


I really like this!

No longer available but was called Kdaiomain K5 here https://www.aliexpress.com/item/KDIY-K5-Cree-XHP50-2-White-6500K-Neutral-White-5000K-Warm-White-3000K-2650-Lumens/32805632129.html

Host still available, that uses the KL-S26 host I posted earlier.


F13 clone:

(click photo for link)

LumiParty TrustFire A8

I ordered that F13 clone from that seller a few weeks back. Seller gave me the wrong tracking code (whatever it was for was delivered to North Dakota). They gave me a refund.

I’m thinking of picking up one of these SupFire L5 clones

Thanks for the warning on that seller. Probably best to get one from Gearbest or better yet find one on ebay and get paypal / ebay guarantee protection.
Here’s one on ebay (ships from China): CREE-XM-T6-LED-5-Modes-1-x-26650-18650-Flashlight



Didn’t know about the L5, thanks for posting it’s very interesting! I guess that’s a clone of the single switch version?

I found this listing on aliexpress and they offer two versions, single side switch (L5) or dual-switches (L5-S), the dual-switch one appeals to me as I prefer a dual switch setup, also the tail switch appears to be metal like on the convoy S2+ colors.

(photos are linked)

I like my Convoy BD06:


It has an 8×7135 driver for about 800 lumens OTF and Toykeeper’s Biscotti firmware for a choice of 12 mode groups. All functions are controlled by the side switch, which is prominent enough to use by touch in the dark when wearing gloves.

The only nitpick I have is that the built-in USB charging uses a proprietary adaptor, so there’s a risk of losing that, but you can always charge the cell outside of the light.

Nice photo! yeah that is a nice flashlight, wish it had a tail switch and smooth SS bezel like the Supfire L5-S.

The switch on that does appear to stick up pretty high, might be an issue for accidental turn on though, I have trouble quickly locating a side switch in total darkness, even with bare hands, always end up rolling the light around and feeling for it.

Personally I prefer a dual switch set up, can always turn it on quick and it provides a lockout for the side switch, and I’m not real fond of the crenelated bezels. The Convoy is a bit shorter that the Supfire, but you usually have that with a tail switch added.


Magnetic slider switch, infinitely adjustable.

[shuffles feet and admits that the photo is from the Convoy page :slight_smile: ]

A stainless steel bezel would be nice!

I’ve just pressed my BD06’s switch flat against the desk, and I can’t get it to turn on no matter how I roll it around, so the only risk would be from something that could press the inner button past the outer ring.

If it’s already on, I can change modes by pressing the switch flat to the desk, but not click it off altogether.

You’re right about locating the switch, though. If you’ve lost it altogether, then a tail switch will always be faster to find than a side switch. As you say, you have to roll the light around a bit to find the side switch.

I like tail switches and side switches equally, but find the tail switch better for smaller lights and shorter periods of use in the overhand grip. The side switch takes the lead for larger lights and longer periods of use in the underhand grip.

In the end, it just comes down to where my thumb naturally falls on the light. I detest having to flip it end for end, because that’s when I’m liable to fumble and drop it.

Fair enough :beer:

The BD06 has anodised threads for tailcap lockout, but it does ultimately come down to personal preference. I’d actually be fine with either setup, but I haven’t come across a dual switch light with the very prominent side switch I like. My Fenix UC35 is practically unusable for me, for example, because I can’t find the side switch without being able to see it.

I seriously like that sliders. If only the slide travel was longer so it would be easier to adjust the brightness at low levels. And real OFF would be nice so they do not kill the batteries when not used.
(A reed contact could do that.)

I don’t know. I suspect it is the single switch version. I’m tempted to buy one and see. Either way I’ll have to figure out a e-switch driver to use with it (I don’t expect to be able to preserve the USB charging).

If you didn’t see it already, Supfire’s Aliexpress store also has their L6/L6S. Both are 26650 lights with ~C8 sized reflectors. The L6 has a tail-switch, the L6-S has USB charging and both a tail and a side switch. Then there is the C8-X, which has similar specs to the L6-S, but they don’t quite look the same…

Thanks, checked out the L6’s and C8X, head size on both are around 45mm, so that puts them in the size class of the Manta Ray C8.2 that I posted earlier (post #22) -the exception is them having side switches or dual switch. But for that size class I’m still liking the Manta Ray better.

The L5-S is a more compact size light with it’s head sized nearly the same as it’s tail (only 3mm difference) In fact that’s something the OP should take note of here since he said that’s what he preferredt: “I would have a slimmer head like the same size as the tube” I also like the gray anodizing, plus the block pattern knurling like on the convoy L6. (looks like the Comunite L9 clone you linked on ebay has black anno)

I’ll be interested to see what the innards of the L5 look like for modding, I’m hoping it could be a candidate for XHP or MT-G2. I’ve yet to get into driver swaps for a side e-switch, but this L5-S might be my “gateway” light for that!


EDIT: I thought this light looked familiar, turns out it’s been around a long time. MTN carried it as far back as at least 4 years ago and it was sort of popular for modding, there’s a few old mod threads from 3-4 years ago. The single side switch used to have a rubber or plastic button then later was changed to metal. The dual switch version was introduced more recently.

Forward to 2017 and the dual switch model… found some recent mod threads (2017) including one with XHP70. It takes a 20mm mcpcb and apparently the stock driver is 26mm. One drawback is the threaded shelf/pill the mcpcb sits on is quite thin.

I’ll admit though I’ve been eyeing the BD06 and other Convoy BD series lights for a long time. There’s a lot I do like about them.

The BD06 4C Biscotti is VERY tempting right now at $21.00 ☢ [Bilakos10 Premium Deals] ● Astrolux FT03 SST-40 ● Astrolux A01 UV ● Seeknite X6S ● JCD 8898 Hot Air Station ● SQ-D60