26650 Multi-Emitter light search

I’ve got 2 brand-spankin’-new kong 26650’s and nothing to put them in. I’m looking for a 2x 26650 multi emitter that kicks butt right out of the box. I’ve looked around, and nothing has caught my eye yet. Any ideas? Around fifty bucks US.

Not multi emitter & a tad over budget, but nonetheless, cool looking and max cooling with the fins.


Almost bought this one a while back. Looks like it has serious potential. Once again, not multi emitter, but UNDER budget and tail cap switch & side dimmer switch. Looks good & smart design.


Edit: Way over price, but can be found on sale time to time, multi emitter small flame thrower. This is what I use to “Clear” the backyard every night. It also sits on my night stand. It LOVES the King Kongs. Makes rabbits and neighborhood cats freeze!

I guess the 2x 26650 multi-emitter is a scarce animal yet. I’m seeing a few, but the reviews aren’t that great. Thanks, -Matt

Same here (aka looking for interesting multi emiter). For single emiter there is a cheap xintd x3 (is was ~30$ with coupon code)

Looks like a HD 2010 copy to me. Quite a bit less expensive than mine was though. Mine had the “driver” problem. took me three months to get a good one.

Says 3x but picture in link is single.

I’m on a multi-emitter binge myself… I can’t speak if this light kicks butt yet as I won one on auction Thursday and won’t see it until next week. If you are patient you can win one for less than BIN price… Picked mine up $27 shipped :wink:


I edited the title of the post. It was a little misleading.


The multi-emitter 26650 light I’m most interested in right now is 47 X3vn. It’s 10A+ 3xXML2 1x26650 3300lm, but it’s much more $.


I think we may be having a group buy on this light in the near future, but this is a good price.

Edit- this light takes 3 batteries, my bad.

Your “kickin butt” and my “kickin butt” could be totally different things. For the most part I’ve found that all “right out of the box” multi emitter lights are underpowered. Although it won’t start any brush fires, when I got my TR-J12, I thought, I’d recommend this light to someone. I did tear it apart and modded it right away, but I was impressed with the output and beam profile right out of the box.

You could also PM 18sixfifty and tell him what you are looking for. He’s a veritable light modding machine, and his prices are very reasonable.

I just received a 4 sevens MMU-X3 today, got it for $69.30 from IS with their JULY4 coupon, sale ends today AFAIK.