2A Power Packs?

My plan is to make up some boot warmers from these are on ALiExpress:

However, the notes say they need 2A. I just realized my plan to use them with an ENB Power pack will not work. Does anyone know of a power pack that can provide 2A of current, preferably with swapable cell bays?

I think most of those 4x18650 boxes ave a so called “apple output” and a normal output. that apple output should be able to deliver 2.1A.
let me check something…

well, maybe not most, but some of them

check HKJ site for tests, he had tested some of them

EDIT: in these cases the batteries are “half-swappable ”, you need a screwdriver to open the box :frowning:

Thanks totilde. I had forgotten I’d seen those boxes, they’d work if none others exist that would be easier. I’ll see if I can find anything else that HKJ may have reviewed.

The Coolook does 2A

Thanks, I had missed that Coollook pack (there is one that does not have the batteries included). In fact I already ordered a couple of the others an hour ago. On the Coollook there is some confisuing information. It appears to do 2A, but ‘Geek’ said the following: “The maximum current is 2A (both ports combined).” I assume however if you are just using one port it will give 2A because in the same thread ‘Dirtbasher’ said: “It provides max 2 amps which chargers an iPad perfectly if you have decent amphere hour batteries installed. At 2amp ,The output voltage is perfectly stable for more than 3 hours and the efficiency is close to 90%”.

Instead of removing the screws I’ll probably carry the packs in these pouches:

“DirtBasher” is me and quite correct , the left hand port will charge an iPad which requires 2Amps, on 4x 2000Mah batteries it chargers up to 80%

Thanks for that Bergtjie.

It looks like one advantage to the Coollook is no need to unscrew the case. From what I can gather, those original ENB 2 cell power packs could yield 1.5A, and I noticed the 3 cell one can charge my Lenovo Tablet (1.5A may prove to be sufficient for those boot warmers). The 2 cell are no longer available on FT anyway, so no need to consider them, although they fit nicely into that pouch I posted. It may also be possible to shoe horn that 4 cell pack into it, and I’m thinking that if it fits into the pouch, I may not even need to screw the cover onto it. Is there any other advantages to the Coollook over the other 4 cell pack that perhaps I have overlooked? I imagine if these work out I’ll end up building quite a few of them anyway.

Only other advantage , which you probably know is it is a 4 bay balance charger