2C flashlight

Any know apart the classics Maglite a budget flashlight with 2C battery?
It would best with zoom fuction.
I already seem some with 3c on market,but not 2C.

I like the new Mag lights

Yes I know Maglite series but I would a budget light under 20 usd

2D cell


As title only 2C battery

Focusing: This product is no longer available.

Non-focusing: Amazon.com

Those were good finds, it seems that a 2C flashlight is a rarity, here is one with a xenon bulb. Under Construction

I have been keeping my eye out for a good looking old garage sale/thrift shop C flashlight with an incandescent bulb, that I can replace with a Dorcy led.

The Rayovac 2Ciszw is a good size but the reflector isn’t really matched to the led.

i know i have seen 2-3 c cell traditional style led lights at home depot and lowes.
should be one that will do what you want.the simple 3c at the shop seems great after an xm-l2 upgrade.simple on off click switch like a maglight.
defiant brand.

Some Target stores have the Maglite 2C cell incandescent ML25IT. It has a twisty switch and the Maglite focusing beam, basically a C cell Minimag.
It is shorter than the common 2C Mag with the side switch and the head is a smaller diameter.

I don’t think these show on their website any longer so it may be YMMV. The ones I saw were blue and about 16 bucks.

These have the Xenon bi-pin base bulb so it won’t take PR based drop in LED upgrades.