2d mag mod & modes

SO I took my 2D mag and made a copper heatsink for it. made the heatsink hold the driver on the underside making basically a big pill. I initially was going to run it off 3 or 4 AA’s but now have decided to run it with 3c’s and save the aa mod and shortening for my next light.

Anyhow the driver is an east-092 and a Cree XM-L led. Even with 3c alkaline it is nice and bright. I can not get it to switch modes though, from what I have read isn’t the east-092 a 3 mode driver ?

Do I have to do anything to the switch to make this work ? Or maybe I got the wrong points on the driver for the led ?

I should have taken more pictures.

Don't know much about the driver, but I would make a guess that you might want to try 4 NiMHs, just to see if you have modes. If not, then maybe it's a bad driver, but I would wonder if the 3 NiMHs aren't sagging enough for the driver to drop regulation?