2PCS KeepPower 14500 - $6.76

Finally found a place that sell them for a good price with free shipping. BangGood is the merchant, but this deal is not on their site.
KeepPower 14500

$2.68 shipping to the US.

Chinese cell, I think.

Yep, KeepPower 14500 800 mAh is a chinese cell. Their 14500 840 mAh is Sanyo.

Might be, but performs just as good ! labels says “IC Made in Japan, Assembled in China”
HKJ says it is a Sanyo cell though …fingers crossed
HKJ’s Review

Keeppower has changed their labels since HKJ’s review. Sanyo cells are 840mAh and say “Cell & IC Made in Japan” The chinese ones aren’t bad they just are not sanyo quality.

That’s the old review.
New 800mAh review

They’re still good cells either way.

O no…
Another interesting webshop…

Also interesting:
You can opt for neutral white !? :Sp :weary:

Ok thanks for the info, I found that KeepPower had a label fumble up back in 2013, people who thought they bought Sanyo cells could be DLG cells when both labels were marked 800mAh …LoL
KeepPower Label Fumble Explained !

So this might be a better buy if you don’t need protected ?
Unprotected DLG 14500 Cells

it's our wholesale website

Good to know, anything to help out a business in Guangzhou. I notice that if I pay by PayPal it does not show what I bought off the site, hope you guys can tie in what I bought on the site and what I paid on PayPal …LoL

Do you use the same account as BangGood or make a new one?