2x18650 Basic Charger for $1.70 at Wallbuys (Now $3.79)

I just noticed this travel style charger at Wallbuys for $1.70. I don’t think I’ve seen any charger for that price. It’s low enough to be an add-on buy when you order anything else.
I know it’s single channel, charge in parallel. Has anyone used these before?
Edit: The price has returned to a more typical $3.79. I forgot to update this post. Better than many resellers, but not as good as it was.

tp4056 usb CC/CV charger boards are $1.65 on ebay! :bigsmile:

$1.70 charger that plugs into AC??! Please tell me your place is no where near me. Else I need more fire insurance.

Yea except… they’re not around anymore to tell about it.

I have one. I got it in a bundle with a cheapo Ultrafire 502b and some surprisingly honest 2400mah UF unprotected cells. The first day I used it, it gave off a smell that I can only describe as “that smell made by cheap electronics”. I figured it would fail spectacularly within the first week, but a year later and with several dozen charges under its belt, it’s still going strong. Terminates every time at 4.15v too, which is nice if you care about the longevity of your cells.

Lithium chargers are not something that you want to cheap out on… spring the extra bucks for a known good charger.

Just get a bunch of these, when one burns up just let it melt and use another. Just put an outlet in the middle of a field somewhere and charge away. Just think, charge 20 cells at once for $17. Plug them all into a multi-plug outlet Lampoons Christmas Vacation style!

+1. Considering that you can pick up a reasonable charger for less than the cost of a protected panny nowadays, there’s no reason why you should take a gamble with this.

I bought one of those a while back and made a battery holder out of it. I use it with my hobby charger to charge 1 or 2 18650's (2 in parallel)

That’s a good idea! and it’s about the same price as a holder. :slight_smile:

and it's better quality than those cheap holders too

That’s the best use of these cheap chargers - I’ve done the same thing. The only thing is, it’s a good idea to plug in to the charger BEFORE inserting the cells - otherwise you might get a surprise. I could put a fuse in to mitigate this, but I’ve had no brain-fades so far! :bigsmile:

When I order from Wallbuys again, I’m adding a few for this purpose. I’ll put banana posts on it instead of the dangling leads. I’d forget and put the cells in first and melt the springs or something worse. :wink:

I always plug the holder into the charger before I insert the batteries. I also have it fused internally just in case I mess up.. We think alike :)

Can you provide a link for the tp4065? couldn’t find one.

Sorry, might have helped slightly if I didn’t flip the 56. :zipper_mouth_face:
ebay li-ion Charger Board or TP4056
Many don’t mention its tp4056 but you can read the chip on it. There are 4 or 5 different board designs all using tp4056, one even allows use of the safety function of monitoring battery temp.
They can be modified for different charging currents as well.

Neo magnets work for connecting different size batteries or add some battery holders.

Cover the board with a few layers of clear packing tape or heat shrink, really don’t want shorts.

I’ve never had problems with this charger. Gonna grab some up.

You got that right. If a cheap charger burns my house down, possibly killing someone, is it worth cheaping out??? NO F**KING WAY!!!

I have 2 of them and they are superb! one terminates at 4.16v and the other at 4.21v. They also carge 1 cell at a time.


I just ordered one, but forgot to thank the OP. So thank you!

P.S. these are $4 at fasttech and that’s cheap!


The only good combination :bigsmile:

Do you guys know if there is space on this charger (once the internals are gutted) to install a female banana plug jack on the housing?
Like this one: