2x18650 Lights

I'm a Plumber/HVAC Tech so I'm in all parts of buildings. Attics, basements, crawl spaces, buildings with no lights and sometimes Im working outside in the dark ...ect. Need a bright and long lasting light. My thinking is a light that uses 2 batteries will last longer vs 1 battery. Can you make your recommendation on a light. I was going to get the FandyFire X8 CREE XML-T6 5-Mode from DX but it is on backorder.

I have a Shadow TC6 with neutral tint. I got it from Intl-outdoors.com a while ago. I had some quality complaints but the size and beam of it is the best I have. I also have a 2x18650 Solarforce L2 body that I like to use with a multiple mode drop-in. 4.2-8.4v drop-in lets you to use 1x18650 or 2x18650 or 2xcr123 battery configurations in one body and this helps me if I needed a smaller light or longer runtime.

For a much more runtime I would recommend the Shadow JM05 with two 26650 batteries. Almost the same head size and length like other 2 batteries in series, only the battery tube is thicker becasue of the of the larger batteries. Because of the larger tailcap and large battery tube it should tail stand better than the X8.

You can attach a lanyard to it since it's already included.

The good thing about totally dark places is that you won't need to use the flashlight on High and thus you will indeed have a lot of runtime.

A 2x26650 is my recommendation for someone who wants to forget about changing batteries, especially since the medium mode would be the most used mode. But you still get a nice high to use in other situations.

Can't see many protected 26650s. I bought 3x 26650 King Kongs but using these in a multiple light configuration makes me think. I wish we had 2x26650 lights with low voltage protection, selectable for 2xcells or 1xcell. It is wise to make 2x26650 lights 1x26650 compatible but it prevents a builtin protection.

My Trustfire X8 has a good driver, that drives the XM-L at full power in 1x18650 and 2x18650 configurations both. But it doesn't cut off at 5-5.5V so I have to use protected batteries with it, although I have a bunch of fresh unprotected Sanyo's sitting around. I don't know this FandyFire variant has the same driver. I hope it does.

I've just asked Hank about the JM05 (2x26650) if it has any protection, since it's not 1 battery compatible. It's supposed to have a low voltage warning function. Probably the same function as my TC6 has, when the voltage is low it just switches to a fast strobe.

I see they have added a useful holster for these types of flashlights. http://www.intl-outdoor.com/double-cell-flashlight-holster-p-312.html