2XAA light from Meritline for $2.99

So, I just ordered a few lights from Meritline and now they are sending me "email alerts". Oh, goody. I'm sure more than a few of you also get these, but for those that don't, this unbranded light is a dollar off if you use this code: MLCK419RNL1 That makes it $2.99 with free shipping. The email says the offer expires on 4/20/12.

For what it's worth, it got five stars in the one review that was there.

It's not for me, but if any of you get it, don't spend that dollar savings all in one spot. :glasses:

Ooohhhhh! They even come in a fancy boxed package! I don't see that the light comes apart near the middle, but if it does it could make a nice Sipik SK68 extension. I'll pass though.