2xAAA Photo Comparison

I posted these to my blog, but I also wanted to share them here in case anyone finds it useful. I’m still playing with all these lights, but I did a review of the Ti4 so far at least. I struggled with the photography on these today—honestly I’m surprised my camera didn’t explode with the kind of day I was having. But they should be passable, and the tints should be accurate.

Below, from left: Olight O’Pen, Thrunite Ti4 NW, Hugsby Mini, Nitecore MT06, Vuan Pl90, Thorfire PF04

(ISO 100, white balance = daylight)

Nice collection of the thinner lights. Do you have a favorite?

So far my favorite is the Lego-d frankenlight with the MT06 body/switch and the Ti4 head. But just individually, I think it’s almost too close to call between the O’Pen and the Ti4. I love both those lights, but I pretty much hate the switches. The Ti4 tail switch has too long of a throw to engage, and the O’Pen switch has a shorter throw but it’s too stiff. Both switches make it clumsy to switch modes. But these two lights have a great tint, output and mode spacing, so it’s really a love-hate thing. I also like that the Ti4 comes with a NW version. Mine has a nice, creamy tint.

The MT06 has a great-feeling switch and a nice, tight beam, but the tint is a sickly blue and it has low frequency PWM—yuck.