3.0V RCR123As?

Alrighty, seems like I'll be getting an Inova T1 for free, but it doesn't support 3.7V RCR123As, and primaries are kind of expensive around these parts. Anyone know a good source of 3.0V RCRs?

3.0V primaries have a lower voltage than the 3.0V rechargables

might wanna look into that man

soshine has em on dealextreme, but yeah they aren't 3v like primaries..

dont get soshine, get tenergy, spend the extra money

i have a load of 3v RCRs i think they come of the charger around 3.6v i will charge one and get back to you

UPDATE charged 2 cells they are reading 3.6-3.7v fully charged

The T1 use a single battery, I dont see any problem using 3V rechargables...