3%-15% Cashback on evey order from China. Be the SealSmile "Privileged" user

At SealSmile (https://sealsmile.com) - the online shopping platform from China, we have just launched our new service: Order management and tracking.

You can automatically collect all your orders from all the Chinese stores in your profile account. In addition we track the status of all your orders and notify you real-time about any tracking updates. You no longer need to go around each store to check your orders’ update and to check any tracking service.

We would like to invite 100 “Priviliged” users to subscribe for free and try out our service.

For your contribution, We would like to reward you by giving 3–15 cashback on each order (depending on the store).

You can find the details about how to activate your account as well as the terms of the progamme in our page: https://sealsmile.com/beta

You can post here any questions or comments you may have or you can use our e-mail: info@sealsmile.com or any other contact details on our website: https://sealsmile.com

Fotis @ SealSmile