3-8.4v single move 2 amp driver

Does such a thing exist?

I Can’t find one, only 1 amp drivers. I figure a buck driver will be more efficient than a 7135 based driver at lower currents….

Did you check Intl-Outdoor? Some of those drivers can be ordered with mode selections, maybe there is one with a single mode option.

I looked everywhere :frowning:

I just modded one of the cheap 2.8 AMC7135 drivers from fasttech to 1.85 single mode. Will do the trick for now.

The pill I wanted to make is for my brother who works swing shift as a cop. Single mode works best, and I wanted the ability to use CR123’s if he forgets to charge his batteries. Right now he has an L2T with a SF XML U2 single mode. I have a partially assembled T6 4C drop in that I am going to pot….


E1320 has a few if I remember correctly. They come stock in one of KDs cheap XM-L P60 drop-ins. The efficiency isn’t great though and they drop out of regulation at around 3.9v.

LD-2C…… Not sure how to get the high down to ~2 amps

Yeah I have a few of the red single mode “18v” drivers they sell. By 3.5v the led is less then a lumen :~
More of a 3.6-18v driver.

I shared some of my findings with that driver here. Like bdiddle say, its more of a 3.6-18V.
Output on mine was not higher than 1,5A with XM-L. Most places advertise them as 1-1.3A.

There is also a similar version here that can easily be resistor modded. I have heard about someone on BLF who made it into a 2 amp driver.
Taken from a review from DX:

Funny, I was just looking at that same driver but noticed the reviews state that single li-ion operation drops out fast.

The efficiency just makes me think that a potted AMC7135 driver using two CR123’s will be at least as efficient……

There’s a current sense resisitor on it (can be seen in the pic next to negative wire, but value unknown).

You would increase that resistor value to get a lower current.

I’d like to throw in a more detailed picture.

I had an eye on this driver for some time now… at first glance he seems pretty well manufactured. This one’s intended for a Noctigon XP-G2, so stock-3A was my current of choice.

But when the sense resistor is that easy to reach, that might be a very good driver for modding, be it downwards, as bdiddle intends, or upwards for a Convoy L2 / XM-L2 combo 0:)

relic38, would you mind pointing out which part exactly is the sense resistor? That big white chunk labelled “25LO” has a measured resistance of next to nothing: about 0.1 Ohm, might be 0.25 or 0.025… my DMM is not accurate enough. Is it really that part, with that value, or am I a bit off here…

What would happen if you short the resistor?

2x CR123 primaries will work fine with 105C/7135 drivers, they sag a bit under load and keep things within tolerable specs. 2x RCR123 is a no-no, but I don't think that's in your list of requirements.

Shorting might get direct drive…
It’s only a guess, as relic38 said lowering increases the current. But bdiddle would be safe when increasing resistance and lowering current, although replacing the resistor might be tough soldering.
Google brought something that “25LO” might be 0.025 Ohm (whereas “R25” should be 0.25 Ohm).
I presume this works kind of linear, so he would need 0.0375 Ohm to get 2.0A.
But I’d be happy when someone with real knowledge would confirm that…