3" Aspheric XML2 Thrower Build (pic heavy)

Battery holder modified from 3P to 3S. I was very easy. Just swap around some spring and cut some traces

Driver is the DX SST-90 driver. Puts out a solid 5.5A

The driver fit perfectly where the original contact plate was supposed to be.

XML2 de-domed. I soaked the led in Xylene for about an hour. Lifted it out and the dome was gone. It probably could be a little prettier but it was my first time.

The top section of the Long Run/Magic Scorpion host was thread on the lathe and a section of maglite tubing was threaded on both ends to make a coupler for the head and the body.

With the original bezel screwed down on the body, It was bored on the lathe to allow the narrow part of the head to go underneath of it.

Head is from a Job Smart light from Tractor Supply. I re-threaded it like a year ago for a mag mod that didn’t work out well. Lens is the 75mm from DX

I’ve been using this light for about a month now and finally tonight did the de-dome. Wow what a difference. This thing is fun. It even impressed my girlfriend and she hates flashlights.

Your machine work and thought put into this light is 1st class. Thanks for sharing.

Good work!

You are one of the few precious people here that can thread parts!

Got any beamshots for us to drool over?

What kind of heatsink are u using

My Galaxy S3 takes great pictures but sucks balls trying to do beamshots. My other camera that does a bit better is packed away someplace while I try and sell my house.

One that I made out of aluminum. It’s size for size with the section of mag tube I used to join them. A little bit of heatsink compound on it to fill any voids.

Nice build ! :slight_smile:

awesome, I love the long runtime host, an fyi, you can buy the carriers in series from cnqg if you wish, their $8 plus shipping.

nice build, thanks for sharing.