3- c8 in series

Thanks , I can read all I want but none of it makes sense till I start asking questions

And that's only 700mA. They seem fine at up to 3 amps, but of course they need some substantial heatsinking (and probably a fan). Pretty impressive for $1.49 LEDs. 8)

To answer the OP - You could do this with Nanjg 105C style drivers, but you’ll lose modes and low battery protection.

- Yank the ATTiny off the driver (it does PWM, modes, low battery protection and other things which will mess everything up)

- Connect the ATTiny VCC node and AMC7135 VCC node together (jumper pads 8 and 6 together on the ATTiny footprint)

  • Put a 5.1V zener diode from battery positive to ground. This handles mismatch currents between the drivers.

Note that if you lose a LED, open or short, you’ll probably end up with a cascading failure.

Do you need a separate dc-dc driver for each emitter ?

Thanks ,but I’d be in over my head with this mod

Pretty much, but they're cheap and small. If you want a lamp with more than one LED you can use more than one switch (or a single multi-position switch), and turn on 1-2-3 modules as you need them.

You could run all 3 LEDs in series, from a 12VDC source, with a ebay/chinese boost converter, but they're more expensive and not as efficient.

Search ebay for 'LM2596' for the step-down converters, 'LM2577' for the step-up converters.

Thanks again this is a great help and learning curve reducer

Ok, just bought a 10 pack of each , that should keep me out of mischief for awhile.