3 channel switchable LED driver?

Hi all,

thinking about making an LED light source for one of the dissecting microscopes at work so that the students can use it to see green and red fluorescently labelled proteins (like the green worms I have in my lab). The plan is to have 1 white LED, 1 green LED (for red fluorescence) and one blue LED (for green fluorescence) and be able to switch between them so only one LED is on at any time. The operator will have to manually change the filters attached to the scope for each wavelength.

I was thinking of cludging something together with some AMC7135 chips with their Vdd inputs tied to a rotary controller and powered by a 5V wall wart, but I wanted to check to see if there was something more elegant that was available for reasonable cost ($10s not $100s). All the ones I've seen have been pretty fancy units geared towards stage lighting and require some kind of programmed input (DMX?) that wouldn't be feasible. Current would be between 150 and 350mA, no more than that.

Any ideas?

Someone did one with the Warsun or was it sharp eagle zoomie… Idk what’s the name of the thread but you can try looking for it….

There’s a cree xml color flashlight called the RA-601Zoom (Aliexpress), no experience with it, but certainly the cheapest I’ve seen.

interesting, I hadn't even thought of buying a flashlight to do the job. No reason why not as long as the wavelengths are right! Thanks for the pointers guys!