£3 ebay AAA Flashlight

Hi guys i found this little light whilst looking around on ebay and for the price i couldn't resist. It's not bad the metal is quite thin and the threads are appalling very rough and not a sign of any lube anywhere. The led is also pretty rubbish and the whole light is only a tad brighter than the BLF delight which only runs 1 AAA where as this runs on 3

Anyway heres a few pics:





I have modded it with a Q5 star from DX. Much brighter light now

I've got some luxeon 3 stars i was thinking of sticking one of those in there, can i drive that on 3 AAA i'm not sure if this thing as any kind of driver on board

Heres a link to the light


I could not get the pill out, it is not screwed into the body,

so I just swopped the original led with a cheap Q5 from DX.

It works fine. Dont know about the Luxeons.

The reflektor did not suit the new pill, but I just unscrew the head

half a turn and then it has a nice bright hotspot.

The pill on mine is hollow what could i fill it with to conduct the heat ?


Cheers guys, i have just ordered the thermal grease that Nautic linked too..

You can DIY it,check the voltage and current,change the LED board to a brighter one

oh my ..these are very bad ..I bought 3 of these from dino direct a long time ago for $3 each. I think they are a lexeon . the tints on mine aren't bad they are a little dirty brown but have very little output ,maybe 50 lumens .The tail cap is very cheap and has a tendancy to push right out if you push on it without the AAA holder in it . it looks very easy to modify but not worth the price of the q5 emmitter . these are more that budget lights IMHO they are bad lights .When the price of alkalines outweighs the value of the light ..That may be a bad thing .Mine were bought to resell...it's a hard sellSurprised

The star is 20mm correct?


Thanks, I am thinking in a mod.........