3-Up P60 tint comparison

I finally finished the last of my 3-up P60s today (at least for a while), this one is Nichia 219s driven at 4.9A. B the way, I reflowed my first LEDs today, went without a hitch thanks to O-Ls excellent videos and build threads.

I thought I’d post a couple of white wall pictures comparing the tints.
The drop-ins are:
XP-G2 cool at 5.3A
XP-G neutral at 4.5A
XP-G warm at 4.5A
Nichia 219 at 4.9A

I set the white balance to direct sunlight and let the camera do the rest. Since the lights are driven at different levels photos were taken on medium (all 4 are around 1.0A medium) from left to right: Nichia, Warm, Neutral, Cool.

The XP-G2 (cool) doesn’t look green at all until it’s side by side with the warmer tints. All in all I still think I like the neutral the most outdoors and warm indoors but I haven’t spent any quality time with the Nichia yet (it’s my first Nichia light).

Now that I’m done with these I see some folks have built 4-up drop-ins, looks like I’m going to need more hosts.

Wow these are fantastic, any chance you’d be interested in selling one/some of them?