3 x T6 Bike Light - Is this Without the 1 LED, 2LED, 3LED driver setup?

I was browsing KD and noticed this bike light. It's a 3 x XM-L T6 which apparently has % modes instead of the "1 LED on, 2 LEDs on, 3 LEDs on" driver which many of us don't like. Modes are listed as 20% -> 50% -> 100% (with strobe after a long press - hidden?) However it also lists "stepless brightness control". Not a bad price at $44.63.


I think my college at work got that one, I only tested it briefly but I remember I was surprised how it changed modes.
Instead of the short blink you normally get when mode changing this light was quickly dimming up and down between modes.
Not a very important feature maybe but it looked very nice.

It looks like this thing has real modes unlike other 3 XML bike lights.

Are you going to buy it?

No, not now at least.


All three LEDs are powered together and it does indeed have a kind of stepless (10 “modes”) control if you hold the switch.
Current on high was around 2A at 8.4V.

Thanks for the feedback. So you confirmed it's the same one? And it gives a true "low"? Any idea on the true brightness? Is it brighter than say a single XM-L driven hard (3.0A+)? Very wide flood, good throw?


Just yesterday tested TR-D008:

There seems to be pretty high “white collar” around the die of the LED.
This was sadly 1 - 2 - 3 emitters.
Compared to hard driven XM-L, I think it was somewhat brighter but not with a great margin. Sad modes really, could as well be one mode only :expressionless:
Good thing was, that there was no PWM.

I talked to my college today, it is the same light as in the link.
Not sure if it could be called true low, the 20% from the description is probably pretty accurate.
It should push around 1.3A to each emitter on high so I it would probably be a bit brighter than single XM-L.
He says it does throw pretty good and he did take a beamshot out in the woods, I’ll try upload it tomorrow maybe.

Played with it a bit today.
Long press from off goes in to slow strobe and long press from strobe goes in to 10 step brightness mode, start at low and short click to next level.
10 mode low is a bit less bright than the 3 mode low.
It throws ok for a small 3xXM-L but it’s significantly less than my direct drive L2P with dedomed XM-L, only thing I got here at work to compare with.

Hi Guys!
Has anyone disassembled this light already? Are there o-ring seals on the lens and the screw on barrel? I want to modify this into a diving light so I’d like to know if it can be sealed.
does anyone have pictures of a disassembled one?
regards, phil