3 XM-L lives.....

OK, I already know "this isn't anywhere near budget" but I just read that EagleTac M3C4 is now available with 3 XM-L. I'm kind of disappointed in the numbers but enough about me. LOL

What say you fellow budgeters? Where are all the 5 XM-L people?

Strange how the XML single is quoted as having 13K lux at 1m, while i remember reviews saying that it had closer to 38K lux at 1m, or did they simply divide the throw by 3... doesnt make sense

They have gone triple xm-l but have not driven the three as hard, great for efficiency! I want to see a review of it, a potential catapult competitor with a better form factor.

Only 1100 lm? very poor driven, and it may be as bright as the MiniMatch 3xXPG or just a bit above the TK-45

They went so far as to make something really great, and then screwed it up in the end with a crappy driver. When will they learn that if people want more run time they can simply drop down to medium mode?

This would be great to mod, if there becomes available an affordable Chinese clone, nudge nudge, wink wink. Heck, might not even want to mod if, if they design proper drivers for it.