30-APR-2010 - Mrlite Group Buy

Hello everyone,

Recently some of us here have been talking with Richard at http://mrlite.com, who offers some very nice looking lights directly from China. Richard has offered us a deal to BLF members if we do a group buy. So take a look around http://mall.mrlite.com/ and if you are seriously interested please post here the item or items you want to buy. We need at least five orders for this to go through. In addition, it would be courteous for Mrlite if we all do a detailed review of the lights we are interested in upon receiving them. Please only post your product requests here if you are seriously interested.


I'd be interested in a J2 set up for 14500. Quite happy with a 14500 only light. An LT3 would interest me too and perhaps a stainless steel one - but if nobody else is interested in those I'd certainly like a J2. Colour doesn't matter as long as it isn't pink.

Oh come on....the pink will make you more manly, just joking buddy. Im also interested in a J2 setup for 14500 duty, but im also digging the J1 as well.

Thanks to all BLF members! You can order any light for the group buy and it doesn't have to be the same one.

If the quantity of group buy over 10pcs, the levels of each light can be customized. If you don't want any level like strobe or SOS, low brighness or high brightness, you can ask us to delete them. Also the sequence. low---high---medium or high-low-medium. Everythink is OK.

Ah! Thanks Mrlite, I would like a light with a very VERY low mode (about 1 lumen) followed by about 6 lumens, followed by about 40 lumens, followed 100 lumens, followed by full power. I wonder if we can get 10 orders though?

If it is not indiscreet, I would like to know what's the deal...

Some of these flashlights are very good looking...and custom modes are a very tempting plus.:smile:

Nothing much....just been thinking about a group buy, i really dont know anyone that owns any of these lights and i would like to have one for my collection.