30Q - what can they deliver?

hey Guys!

who has numbers (or can take some) of following scenarios:
(1-4 emitters in parallel setup)

  • max Amps in 1S for ~4V LEDs
  • max Amps in 2S for 6V LEDs
  • also 2S2P / 2S3P

i am interested what the cells are capable of.
and a guesstimate what can happen if they are tortured that way… :wink:

thanks a lot!

noone? :frowning:

11.5A with a quad XP-L HI setup, not sure how precise, this was taken with a cheap meter rated 10A
9.8A with a triple XP-L HI setup

Can’t help you with 2S numbers…

Would the 30Q discharge curves help?

Depends on driver and led.
With a single Xml2 you can see 7A but often with the high forward voltages these days more like 5-6A.
In a triple like mentioned above you easyly get 10A.

In 2S I have read here somewhere got 12A for a XHP.

Of course it is very important to minimize all resistances, on 10A a resistance of 50millliohm would have a 0.5V voltage drop….