32650 charger options?

What are my options for 32650 chargers that you know of? I would like cradle type chargers an not magnet/clip end ones. Ones that hold at least two cells would be preferable.

Miboxer c4-12?

C4-12 and C4-12 Plus

Have your tried my table:

Click on the diameter column to sort on diameter.
I would also look at the charge current, you do not want a charger with below 1A current.
And keep an eye on the year column to be sure the charger is current.

C4-12 Plus? Did you mean C4 Plus?

Awesome, I had not seen your chargers list. Use the battery comparator on a regular basis though. I ended up going with the Xtar SV2 Rocket.

Thank you everyone for your assistance!

Wow…more awesome work! Thank you!