34-35 x 26-27mm XM-L reflector

mod thread will be coming soon, but I managed to melt my Nitecore P16 reflector when I was heating up the head to destroy their evil red loctite. Clearly not a warranty repair :slight_smile:

The closest replacement I found was:

any other ideas or options? I can post up pics of the reflector, just have to get some work done first!

Matt, I’m looking for the one too. Planed to use in a 35mm Easy2led shell with XM-L2 or better yet MT-G2.
The closest findings are this and this. I was looking for OP reflectors for MTB usage only. Found also SMO one .
Would be interested if you will find some good one.

thanks Ledoman, I’d missed those ones! EL34 from Hoffman Amps uses the 2nd OP one you linked to for his Marwi LED conversions and rates them very highly. He even has ones for sale ($7 I think) on his website that are already machined to fit.

I’ll keep on looking. Might buy the DX ones and the one from CNQG, then see which I like the most. Now that I can get the lens off without using a 3ft steel bar, swapping it out won’t be so hard :slight_smile:

This one might be worth a look


thanks Kevin - I asked them but it’s too short (19mm) even if I trim the diameter to fit :frowning: