35%off Discount for Sofirn SC31 Pro 5000k version on Amazon.us

Hi BLFers,

We have a Lightning Deal for SC31 Pro 5000k version on Amazon.us. The Original Price is $38.99, the Deal Price is $25.49(35%OFF),

Lightning Deal Time:May 12, 5:50 AM - May 12, 11:50 AM [Pacific Time]

Link: https://www.amazon.com/SC31Pro-Rechargeable-Flashlight-Powerful-Included/dp/B08FR9QJP4/ref=sr_1_38?dchild=1&keywords=edc+flashlight&qid=1620790856&sr=8-38

Great chance to pull your trigger!

Your link is wrong…sends it to SC31 Pro 6500k kit with no 5000k option.

Here’s a link to the 5000K version: Amazon.com

The Lightning Deal is not active yet (it’s 5:20 a.m. in Arizona and we are Mountain Time, but I don’t know if we are the same as Pacific Time right now, or an hour ahead), but, I think, it should start in 20 minutes or an hour and 30 minutes.